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Korie Robertson Remembers Daughter Sadie’s Wedding, Teases Doing a ‘Wedding Giveaway’

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson is reflecting on her daughter’s wedding by sharing a heartfelt post on Instagram.

In addition to Korie Roberston remembering her daughter’s wedding that happened a year ago, she also says that she’s thought about a wedding giveaway. Now, this giveaway isn’t like those other giveaways on Instagram where you have to follow so many users, like this and that photo, comment on the post, share the image – you get the idea. This giveaway was based on those who had lost their special wedding moment due to COVID-19, rather than those who could boost the most posts on the social media channel.

Roberston explains how the wedding giveaway thought started by writing this in her caption. “After @legitsadierob and @christian_huff wedding (which I still can’t get over how sweet and fun and special it was) as we were taking down all the decorations, I had this idea of “giving away” a wedding. I took a pic and thought maybe we’ll someday do a wedding giveaway,” she writes. 

Robertson’s caption continues, “After just having thrown one myself, I knew how much fun it could be, but also it can be overwhelming, a bit stressful, and, of course, expensive! What if we could make someone’s wedding day beautiful and fun, and totally stress-free!” 

Korie Robertson Gives Away Wedding to Lucky Couple

Instead of doing a “wedding giveaway”, she gave away a wedding. Robertson knows how stressful it can be planning, organizing, and putting on a wedding can be during a non-pandemic year. Therefore, she couldn’t imagine what it would be like now, especially during the novel pandemic.

Roberston writes, “A month later a pandemic happened and there were thousands of brides whose weddings had to be canceled in an instant. Soooo we decided as soon as possible we were going to do this! We chose a bride and groom whose wedding had been canceled, then postponed, dreams shattered, plans upended and gave them a call with the news that we wanted to give them a wedding!”

However, Robertson contracted the coronavirus and had to sit out the weekend of the wedding. She wasn’t able to leave the house to even take a look at her generosity. Her assistant was able to help with the lucky couple’s big day, though. As a matter of fact, Robertson even got some vendors to pitch in.  

The wife of Wille Robertson knows that this year is nothing like our original expectations. She wants to emphasize the excitement of the happy moments of 2020 though. The post’s caption also adds, “the day two become one is always something to celebrate.”

She shares a photo from the wedding day and finishes the post with an inspirational message, “2020 can cancel plans, but it can’t cancel love ❤️”.