Korie Robertson Reveals Her ‘Christmas Uniform,’ Wonders if She Can Wear it ‘Everyday This Week’

by Jennifer Shea

“Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson is sporting threads sold by her daughter Sadie in honor of the upcoming holiday.

Robertson posted to Instagram Sunday, saying “Christmas is here.”

She continued, “Declaring this my Christmas uniform. Do you think it’s okay if I wear it everyday this week?”

Korie Robertson Finds Her Holiday Outfit

Meanwhile, in the accompanying picture, Robertson is wearing a pale green sweatshirt with “ASK ME FOR GOOD NEWS” written in orange across the chest along with matching sweatpants, plus green sneakers. 

Robertson’s followers were fans of the picture. “I love y’all’s stockings!” replied one.

“I need an outfit like that,” posted another.

Words by Sadie Rob is an emerging brand that offers a clothing line and a scented candle.

Robertson has often used her Instagram account to plug clothing lines or causes she endorses. 

Plugging Clothing and Causes on Instagram

In an interview with A&E, Robertson said she doesn’t identify as a redneck. She considers herself more of a yuppie, she said. Her sense of style definitely reflects that.

Moreover, several years ago, Robertson told US Weekly that one highlight of being famous for her is learning about new causes to support.

“For me [the upside to fame is] the opportunity to travel and meet people,” she said. “We may be speaking at a fundraiser and learn, Wow, this really awesome thing is happening in the world. We’ve visited children’s hospitals to be with dying kids who had a wish to meet us.”

The Robertson clan has had a busy year. Several of them got coronavirus, two of them got pregnant and one of them got engaged.

This Christmas, Robertson’s family has recovered from the coronavirus and none of her kids are dying. So they’ve been putting stockings up, playing Christmas music and wrapping gifts. 

And it seems Robertson already got at least one gift from her daughter, from the looks of her Christmas outfit.