Korie Robertson Spends Time with Adorable Grandsons in Latest Snapshot

by Jon D. B.

Catch up with Korie Robertson and her beautiful family in her latest snapshots with her two tiny grandsons: Zane and John Shepherd.

To most, Korie Robertson will live on forever as one of the stars of Duck Dynasty. While the show has been off the air for quite sometime now, the Robertsons have found plenty of ways to keep busy. And for a family who values each other above all else, well, family is what accomplishes this most of the time!

In the time since Duck Dynasty, Robertson has become a huge presence on Instagram. Within, she gives followers frequent looks into the busy lives of her and the burgeoning Robertson clan. Aptly named “Boss Hog’s Wife” on the platform, Korie – wife to famed Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, prefaces her profile with “Wife of Willie, Mom to 6”.

Today, she’s giving fans a look at just how adorable she is with her two tiny grandsons: Zane and John Shepherd. Her photos show the beautiful family out and about in some unusually-nice New Year’s Day weather. And yes, the boys are precious.

Korie Robertson Wishes Fans “Happy New Year” with Grandsons

“Trying to get a picture with both grandsons: a series 🤍🤍,” she starts off in the Instagram post. “Had a flashback to when @willrob.jr and @bellarobb [two of her children] were these ages; they were just 10 months apart, exactly the age difference of Zane and John Shepherd!”

“I was constantly chasing one down so usually just carried them on both hips🤪,” she adds – an image sure to be familiar for any parent or grandparent. “Such a sweet, fun memory and now I’m feeling like time is flying, and how is it 2021 already?!!”

Moreover, Robertson takes the time to wish her followers and fans a very Happy New Year.

“Happy New Year everyone! May this year brings tons of love and laughter, health and unity, growing and stretching, living and learning, and for me and @realwilliebosshog personally more grand babies to hold onto🤗,” she wraps up the post. Lovely sentiments from a lovely-looking family, indeed.

Robertson’s post comes just after her Top Memories of 2020.

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