Korn Cancels Saturday Night Concert Citing ‘Vague’ Reasons

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (August 14th) members of the hit rock band, Korn, announced they had to cancel their concert in Scranton, Pennsylvania due to someone in the group testing positive for COVID-19.

In a Twitter post, the Korn bandmates state, “Attention: Scranton PA. Unfortunately, there has been a confirmed COVID-19 within the Korn camp. The safety of our artists, crew, venue staff, and fans are our top priority so we must postpone the show tonight.”

Korn’s statement also notes that the band is deeply sorry for the unfortunate last-minute news. “But please hold on to your tickets while we work to get your rescheduled date-sorted asap with Live Nation and The Pavilion at Montage Mountain,” the group adds. “Thank you for your understanding. And stay safe out there. We’ll be back soon.”

Followers of Korn’s Twitter account were mainly understanding about the situation. One Twitter user writes, “Whomever it is I hope they get well soon. My entire household has it and it is awful. We have never been this sick ever. Get lots of rest. Drink lots of water.”

Another follower of the band also writes, “When Korn is more responsible than 30% of America…”

Korn has yet to announce if they will be playing their shows this upcoming week, which includes stops in Wantagh, New York, Holmdel, New Jersey, Hartford, Connecticut, and Mansfield, Massachusetts. 

Korn Singer Jonathan Davis Opens Up About Losing His Wife in 2018

In a September 2019 interview with NME, Korn singer Jonathan Davis spoke about losing his wife in 2018 and releasing the band’s album The Nothing. “There’s everything I was going through. Emotions I was feeling. Things I felt were conspiring to stop us from making the record. It really was the worst year of my life,” he explains. The rock bandmate further notes that he was trying to work through the struggles he was facing while getting the album out. 

“There was no pan. No blueprint. It was really honest like that,” the Korn singer shared. “It was just a man, totally distraught, trying to make sense of something terrible.”

Davis also lost his mother two years prior to losing his wife. “So other than my sister, I basically lost all of the women in my life,” the Korn frontman stated. “I’ve always considered making music my therapy so what I tried to do was flood my life with music.”

In regards to music helping him process pain he has experienced over the years, the Korn bandmate explained, “What music does – what it’s always done – is give me a place to put the sh— that’s in my head. That stops me from just… exploding. All the sh— that has happened to me is in Korn records.”

“Each one is like a time capsule of sh—,” the Korn singer goes on to add. “I don’t like listening to them because that’s paint. But getting it out of my head, onto the page. I write lyrics like I’m in a stream of consciousness – then into the music. That’s kept me going.”