Korn Lead Singer Gets Oxygen on Stage During Show Amid Health Struggle

by Thad Mitchell

Despite his recent intense battle with COVID-19, Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the rock band “Korn,” is gutting it out on stage.

Davis and his Korn bandmates were in Illinois for their most recent show in Tinley Park, a suburb just outside of Chicago. Davis was obviously still feeling the effects of the coronavirus as he had to several breaks during the performance. During these short breaks, Davis could be sucking in some pure oxygen via a mask and tank present on stage. He also spent most of the performance sitting down on a large, thrown-like chair that appeared on stage just for him. Davis typically has a wide and deep vocal range but struggled to produce his signature voice. Still, he went on to perform the entire show and even told the crowd that he didn’t want to cancel more shows. The heavily popular band has already been forced to cancel several shows due to the deadly pandemic.

Davis, a longtime member of Korn, reportedly told fans at the concert he was feeling “very weak” during the performance. He also told them that despite how he was feeling, he refused to cancel any more live performances. The Korn frontman was diagnosed with COVID-19 at the beginning of August, forcing the band off the road. Korn guitarist Brian Welch says Davis relied on the support from fans to make it through the live performance. In a recent social media video, he says Davis feels “Physically weak” and is also fighting through a “mental struggle.”

Davis and Korn took to social media earlier this week to thank their enormous fan base for their support. The post includes a photo from the performance that shows Davis singing from a seated position.

“Thank you, Chicago and Noblesville, for all your love ad support,” the Instagram post proclaims.

Korn has a large and loyal fan base that certainly understands what Davis is going through with COVID-19. Several fans flooded the social media post to wish the singer well and thank him for powering through the performance.

“It was an incredible show!” a fan writes in the post’s comments section. “My fiancé’s first Korn show ever (my 11th since 96) and she and I loved the energy, emotion, talent, that you brought. Jon you gave it your all…we could feel your emotions from the lawn! Get well! See you soon!!”

Like every other musical act, the deadly pandemic forced Korn off their touring schedule for most of 2020. Now, able to hit the road once more, Davis and his bandmates are happy to be in front of their fans again. Any artist will tell you that there is nothing like performing live in front of thousands of screaming fans.