Kurt Russell Is Crushing It on Netflix, Has Two Movies in Top 10

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix

As the holiday season is in full swing, Kurt Russell films are unsurprisingly dominating the Top 10 on Netflix.

After starring in a number of Christmas movies as Santa Claus himself, the actor has become synonymous with the holiday season. He starred in the hit 2018 film “The Christmas Chronicles,” which was so popular it earned a sequel called “The Christmas Chronicles 2” in 2020.

He stars in the second film with Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus. The two are real-life partners and have been together for 38 years now. As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, people are clearly trying to get into the holiday spirit as soon as possible.

“The Christmas Chronicles” is at number four on the Netflix kids chart. Meanwhile, “The Christmas Chronicles 2” sits securely at number six.

‘The Christmas Chronicles’ and Other Kurt Russell Movies

The movie is about Kate and Teddy, two children that work with Santa to deliver presents after his sleigh breaks down. It’s a family movie in more than one way. Not only are kids and parents gravitating toward it, but the movie has family connections. Oliver Hudson, Hawn’s son, plays a role in the movie.

Although Russell is known by kids as the friendly gift-giving, long-bearded Santa Claus, he also has several other movies available to stream on Netflix. His 2006 movie “Poseidon” is available. One of his earlier films from 1994, “Stargate,” which is a science-fiction movie, is also available.

If the kids went to bed after watching “The Christmas Chronicles,” adults can watch the award-winning movie from Quentin Tarantino called “The Hateful Eight.” Russell stars alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh in the movie.

A movie close to Russell’s heart is also on Netflix. He is in “The Battered Bastards,” which is a sports documentary about a Portland, Oregon baseball team owned by Russell’s late father, Bing Russell.

So, will there be a third film in the growing “The Christmas Chronicles” world? Russell was asked about the possibility last year and said he didn’t know if another movie was planned. “I’ve never been big on sequels, but that was 50, 40, 30 years ago. Now sequels aren’t even sequels anymore. We’ve just cyclically found our way around to making television. You go to the movies and you’re seeing television because there’s a serial aspect to it,” Russell said to The New York Times.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Not only has “The Christmas Chronicles” quickly become a favorite holiday movie for many people, but it was also an opportunity for Russell and Hawn to reunite on the screen.

The last time we saw them together was for the 1987 movie “Overboard.” Hawn is a somewhat cruel heiress that hires a carpenter (Russell) only to cheat and berate him. After a freak accident, she gets amnesia. Russell’s character eases her back into life by convincing her they’re actually husband and wife.

Fans of the longtime Hollywood couple have been eager to see them back together again.

“I thought we’d work together much sooner than this, but Goldie and I are pretty choosy. And generally, Goldie Hawn movies and movies that Kurt Russell is in are pretty different things,” Russell also said to The New York Times.