Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Set to Perform One Last Time Together at Radio City Music Hall

by Josh Lanier

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, longtime friends and collaborators, will perform two farewell shows next month at Radio City Music Hall.

Gaga announced the shows in a tweet. Tickets will go on sale Thursday. Bennett, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, will turn 95 on Aug. 3.

This will be the first time they’ve performed live together since 2019 when he sang with her during her Las Vegas residency, Variety reported.

The two released a jazz album in 2014 titled Cheek to Cheek that went No. 1 on the Billboard charts. It was his 58th studio album and her fourth, but it helped prove Gaga was more than a pop diva. The two bonded during their recording sessions and remained extremely close.

They even worked on an album after Bennett’s Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. It was recorded from 2018 until 2020 and is expected to be released sometime later this year.

Tony Bennett announced earlier this year that he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in an AARP Magazine profile. The author of the piece sat in one of the recording sessions and noted that it was clear Bennett was struggling. However, Lady Gaga encouraged him throughout and clearly held a lot of affection for the singer.

“‘You sound so good, Tony,’ she tells him at one point. ‘Thanks,’ is his one-word response, The pain and sadness in Gaga’s face is clear at such moments — but never more so than in an extraordinarily moving sequence in which Tony (a man she calls ‘an incredible mentor, and friend, and father figure’) sings a solo passage of a love song. Gaga looks on, from behind her mic, her smile breaking into a quiver, her eyes brimming before she puts her hands over her face and sobs.”

Tony Bennett Says He Still Feels Well

Though doctors diagnosed him with the disease in 2016, his doctor told AARP Magazine that the crooner hasn’t suffered the usual symptoms. “But there was little doubt that the disease had progressed,” he said.

Tony Bennett’s wife, Susan, told the magazine that while Bennett understands he’s ill, nothing in his life has changed.

“He would ask me, ‘What is Alzheimer’s?’ I would explain, but he wouldn’t get it,” his wife said. “He’d tell me, ‘Susan, I feel fine.’ That’s all he could process — that physically he felt great. So, nothing changed in his life. Anything that did change, he wasn’t aware of.”

Bennett said he works out five days a week and still feels fine. Though, his wife told Gayle King on CBS This Morning that his memory has progressively gotten worse.

Lady Gaga, who has been a friend of the “I Left My Heart in San Fransisco” singer for years, knew about the diagnosis years before the family decided to go public. In fact, Tony Bennett’s son and his manager got Gaga’s approval before they went public.

“I wanted to check with her to make sure she was cool,” Danny Bennett told AARP Magazine. “Because she watches his back all the time. She was like, ‘Absolutely, it’s just another gift that he can give to the world.'”