Lady A’s Hillary Scott and Husband Chris Tyrrell Celebrating 9th Anniversary

by Madison Miller

Lady A’s lead vocalist, Hillary Scott, and her husband, Chris Tyrrell, are celebrating nine years of marriage today.

The “Just a Kiss” and “Need You Know” singer first met Tyrrell in college. They reconnected when Tyrrell was the drummer in Love and Theft and was also opening for Tim McGraw in his Southern Voice tour in 2010.

Now, they have nine years of marriage and three daughters (two of which are twins).

So, who is Hillary Scott’s leading man?

Chris Tyrrell Career

It seems like Tyrrell and Scott have a lot in common. Their mutual love for country music seems to be the driving force that brought them together.

Tyrrell is a Nashville-based drummer. He has been able to tour and play with artists like Lady A, Luke Bryan, Josh Kelley, Edens Edge, Jeff Allen, and several others.

Besides touring with the big shots, he’s also a key asset in other performances. He has been on “Saturday Night Live,” The Grand Ole Opry, “Good Morning America,” “Dancing With The Stars,” as well as other late-night programs.

Now, however, his biggest job is staying at home with his three daughters. The decision to be a stay-at-home dad was an easy one.

“We’re both equipping each other to do exactly what we’re supposed to be doing right now. We just came to that agreement together. It was one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made and the peace that we’ve felt since we made it has just been continual proof of it being the right call,” Tyrrell said, according to People.

Marriage and Babies

The couple tied the knot on January 7, 2012.

“We got married! We just wanted you to hear it from us first … We’re so excited to be starting our life together and we just had to let you in on the exciting news,” Scott shared in a video posted to Lady A’s site.

They exchanged vows and made things official in upstate New York. The wedding was small with just close friends and family in the mix.

About a year later they were welcoming Eisele Kaye into the world. Unfortunately, the couple’s faced a huge loss when they lost their second daughter from a miscarriage. It’s something the couple doesn’t talk about with the media often, but have stated continues to be a huge factor in their lives.

Miscarriage and Falling into Faith

“Last fall, I went through a miscarriage. This is something that is not talked about very often. I also feel like there’s this pressure that you’re supposed to be able to snap your fingers and continue to walk through life like it never happened,” Scott shared with Good Morning America.

The singer has admitted it has made her a different mother entirely. She has relied on her faith to get her through the massive loss. In fact, after the miscarriage, Scott began to write and release gospel music as a solo artist.

She wrote the deeply emotional song “Thy Will” in the middle of this dark period of time in 2016. Before this, she had announced that a gospel album was on the way, titled “Love Remains.” She announced that the group would be called Hillary Scott & the Scott Family. It would consist of her sister Rylee as well as her parents, Linda and Lang.

The album won Best Contemporary Christian Album.

 “Well, I wanted to make this album to share more of who I am. These songs, and many like them, are the cry of my heart. I have been singing songs like this my whole life where be it, in church, with family and friends gathered around with guitars on my screened-in porch, rocking my baby girl to sleep or while holding the hand of a dying loved one,” Scott shared on her social media at the time.

Happy anniversary to the country couple, Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell.