Larry King’s Widow Shawn Wants to Be Honored as Estate Executor After Being Left Out

by Matthew Wilson

The battle over Larry King’s estate is heating up. The late TV host’s widow Shawn King requested to be the executor over his estate. Shawn’s request comes after King reportedly cut her out of his will prior to his death. As a result, Shawn received none of his fortune or assets.

According to Page Six, Shawn King has started the legal paperwork. She filed documents on April 13th to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Shawn wants the court to validate an original 2015 will and make her the “personal representative to administer” King’s estate.

The court will hear Shawn’s case on May 4.

Larry King passed away in early January of this year following a battle with COVID-19. The CNN anchor experienced complications that resulted from the disease. King died of sepsis after experiencing end-stage renal disease and acute hypoxic respiratory failure. His death saddened millions of fans that watched and listened to him over his career.

King was 87-years-old.

Larry King and His Estate

After Larry King’s death, a secret will emerged that cut his widow out of the estate. The new will was a handwritten document. In the years prior to his death, both Larry King and Shawn had their marital woes. The couple had been estranged for some time. In August 2019, Larry decided to file for divorce from Shawn to make their separation official.

But the couple never officially divorced. The new secret will mentioned only King’s children as his inheritors. King reportedly made the will back on Oct. 17, 2019. At the time, both of King’s children Andy and Chaia were still alive and are included in this will. Both ended up dying within weeks of each other in 2020. But according to the will, King left his $2 million estate to his surviving children Larry Jr, Cannon, and Chance.

Since then, Larry King’s widow has contested this will as being false. She claimed that King’s poor health made him unaware that he was signing a new legal document. She believes his children forced his hand. Shawn also claimed that the couple never planned to actually divorce.

According to the outlet, King’s widow requested that the court honor a 2015 will that the couple created with the help of a lawyer. She wants the 2019 will to be thrown out and for herself to become executor of King’s estate.

It remains to be seen what a court ends up ruling. Both King and Shawn married back in 1997. The two had two children together – Chance and Cannon.