Larry the Cable Guy Offers Take on How Electronics Are Causing Parents to Send Kids Outside to ‘Ground’ Them

by Clayton Edwards

Larry the Cable Guy fired off a hot take about today’s kids and their electronics on Twitter last night. The former Blue Collar Comedy Tour star has been making people laugh for four decades. So, I guess he’s earned the right to poke fun at those youngins and their newfangled electronic devices, especially if it’s funny.

“Some kids,” Larry the Cable Guy wrote, “stay in their rooms and play electronics so much that to ‘ground,’ them no means you have to make them go outside and play with their friends.”

Larry the Cable Guy is a comedian and he gets paid to make jokes. However, his tweet made me think more than it probably should have. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how we’re raising the kids. It’s on us, as adults, to make sure kids know the importance of the outdoors and the experiences we can find there. Once you show them the grandeur of nature, they’ll be hooked for life.

His tweet might be true for some kids. After all, it’s a different world out there. Kids can connect with their school friends who live across town from their devices. Heck, they can connect with their cousins and friends that live halfway across the country. So, what Larry the Cable Guy and many other people may be overlooking here is that the kids are already playing with their friends. They’re just doing it differently than we did in the good old days.

I know this from personal experience. My boy connects with his cousins in Texas and Florida along with his school buddies from right here in the Great State of Tennessee almost every day.

However, I’m teaching him the beautiful balance of the Outsider lifestyle early. Sure, he loves Minecraft and whatever other retro-style games the kids are playing. However, there’s nothing he likes more than getting outside and throwing the ball around or exploring the woods. Our story isn’t unique. In fact, it’s not even all that rare.

Larry the Cable Guy Should Meet These Kids

Here at Outsider, we’ve celebrated several young people who know that being outside is where it’s at. Some are even breaking records.

For example, Paslie Werth, a 14-year-old girl from Kansas, shot a world-record buck back in September of last year. It was a monster. The 42-point buck landed her the world record for the largest non-typical whitetail buck ever shot by a female.

Then there’s Cassidy Rood. The 16-year-old Maine native completed the grand slam of big game hunting in just six months last year. She bagged a bear, a deer, a moose, and a turkey in that short span. She could probably teach us all a thing or two about hunting.

There are countless stories of kids out there loving the outdoors. We should be celebrating them. More importantly, we should be encouraging them. After all, we won’t live forever and they’re the future of outdoor education and preservation. Their world looks different than ours did. However, with a little guidance, they’ll make sure the generation after them still knows the joys that Mother Nature has to offer.