‘Last Man Standing’ Alum Kaitlyn Dever Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes of Show ‘Dopesick’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Disney+)

Last Man Standing alum Kaitlyn Dever is extremely proud of her recent role in the Hulu series, Dopesick. Dever’s breakout role on the outdoorsy-family show was always light-hearted and good-natured (though, admittedly, quite sarcastic). Now, on the new series, Dever proved that she is just as impressive a drama actress as she is a sitcom actress.

Yesterday, Dever posted a couple of clips and photos from her work on set in Clifton Forge, Virginia. The first video showed the Last Man Standing alum trudging up the entrance of the coal mine with several of her castmates behind her. Her photo showed her covered in soot and dressed in safety gear. And the last clip demonstrated how

“I love Betsy. thank you to all who have watched/ are watching @dopesickonhulu,” Dever captioned the post.

Meet Betsy Mallum, the Former ‘Last Man Standing’ Star’s New Character

On Last Man Standing, Dever played the innocent and upstanding Eve Baxter that hardly ventured from her father’s expectations of her. On Dopesick, she plays Betsy Mallum, a young coal miner that finds herself in the middle of a deadly addiction to pain killers.

Like so many, Mallum fell into her addiction after she suffered a debilitating injury. While working in the mines, the Dopesick character hurt her back and wound up before a local physician who prescribed her Oxycontin. At first, the medication works miracles for the former Last Man Standing star and she focuses her newfound energy on earning enough money to move out of her parents’ home to live with her girlfriend. Unfortunately, soon enough, Mallum’s body develops a tolerance for the highly addictive drug and her doctor increases her dosage, further securing her dependence.

That’s When Mallum’s Situation Took a Turn For the Worst

The Last Man Standing alum then had to demonstrate the harder parts of her role on Dopesick, when the addiction started to affect the lives around Betsy Mallum.

Back when the show had just released Episode 5, Dever shared with Instagram fans a clip of an intense moment when Mallum nearly killed one of her coworkers. While drilling further into the mine, Mallum seems to be on the verge of consciousness as her vision starts to fade. Despite her condition, she gives a fellow miner the okay to continue drilling. But unfortunately, Mallum had misread the methane meter and immediately, an explosion knocks them all on the ground.

Take a look at the clip below.

Later in the hospital, her superiors inform her that one of her coworkers might lose his arm because of the accident.