‘Last Man Standing’ Declares the Key Ingredients Needed For the ‘Best Day Ever’

by Katie Maloney

Tim Allen and Last Man Standing definitely have the secret recipe for happiness.

In a recent tweet, Last Man Standing shared a photo of characters Mike and Vanessa Baxter hugging their daughter Eve. They captioned Mike Baxter as “Last Man Standing Episodes.” They captioned Vanessa as “Snacks.” And Eve was blissfully snuggled between the two and captioned as “Me.”

Along with the photo, Last Man Standing wrote, “Otherwise known as the best day ever. #LastManStanding”

We totally agree that a day full of Last Man Standing and our favorite snacks would be a pretty awesome day.

Tim Allen Also Directed Episodes of Last Man Standing

Comedian Tim Allen isn’t just a talented actor. He’s also a director and he’s directed several episodes of Last Man Standing. During an interview in 2020, Allen shared what it was like stepping behind the camera.

“I’m getting more and more comfortable,” said Allen. “In sitcoms, there’s a formula [to directing], and formulas can change, but it’s very difficult.”

Allen added that he has to get out of the actor mindset while he’s directing episodes of Last Man Standing.

“It’s difficult. Because I’m the actor, I play, in geometric terms, on the same plane all the time. You can’t turn certain directions. It’s a theater play, so you have to get creative in your spatial moves,” said Allen. “I enjoy what you don’t see [as a viewer], and I love working with our Emmy-winning lighting director Donald A. Morgan on lighting the background. It adds depth. It’s like a rich stew. The texture [is] all I got in a sitcom, and I really love it.”

Allen Shared A Moment When the Show’s Team Messed Up Big Time

Usually, when an actor steps behind the camera to direct an episode of a show he stars on, he’s in the episode a little less. But that wasn’t the case for one of the episodes Tim Allen directed. During the same interview, Allen laughed about a moment where the writers messed up during an episode of Last Man Standing.

“They screwed up,” said Allen laughing. “It was funny, because there was one [episode] before this or after this on the writing chart that I was looking at, and then I wind up getting [an episode] where I’m in it almost every scene. Everyone’s just sitting [on set] real quiet, and I go, ‘What’s the matter?’ ‘Well, you’ve gotta get in there!’ And it’s like, ‘Oh s—t, I have to go in there and act now.’ But I love it, and I really appreciate that I can do both.”

We appreciate that you can do both too, Tim Allen. And we can’t wait to catch the next episode of Last Man Standing. We’re getting the snacks ready to go now!