‘Last Man Standing’: Did Any Former Stars Return for the Finale?

by Emily Morgan

While fans of “Last Man Standing” may have been hoping to see some beloved characters make their return for the finale, sadly, this was not the case.

During the series finale, in the episode titled “Keep On Truckin’,” audiences only saw the show’s current characters wrap up their plots. However, there was one former character who made a brief return. Kaitlyn Dever made a cameo appearance via Zoom.

Unfortunately, fans of the show didn’t even get to see an appearance from Boyd, the “missing” son of Kristin Baxter and Ryan Vogelsong. Jet Jurgensmeyer played Kristin and Ryan’s (Jordan Masterson) son Boyd. Moreover, Jurgensmeyer did not make an appearance at all during season nine.

In addition, Molly Ephraim was nowhere to be found. Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and Mandy (Molly McCook) did mention their daughters early on in the episode, but fans did not see them in the finale.

The last time viewers saw Jet was in season eight in the episode titled “You’ve Got Male (Or Female),” which aired in January 2020.

Fans Let Down After ‘Last Man Standing’ Finale Excludes Original Characters

Although the casting directors of “Last Man Standing” did recast some actors during its tenure, fans lost their cool when Molly McCook replaced Molly Ephraim as Mandy. Like Dever, Ephraim’s acting career took off after ABC canceled the show following season six.

While there were jokes about the recasting back when “Last Man Standing” started airing on Fox, Ephraim did not appear in the series finale. However, after time, viewers became accustomed to seeing McCook. McCook was privy to this and once opened up about how hard it could be for fans to see a new Mandy.

“I think that it has changed and a lot more people have sort of accepted me, and I also think that I’ve sort of learned how to navigate social media in that way and not focus on the negative,” McCook said back in March 2020.

She later admitted to fans that her Mandy was notably different from Ephraim. “I think I sort of came to the conclusion that if, by now, they’re not into my version of Mandy, then they never will be. And that’s okay,” McCook said at the time. “Because actors are actors, and they always will be.”