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‘Last Man Standing’ Highlights Memorable Moment From Series Finale Featuring Tim Allen’s Beloved Green Truck

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Earlier this week, hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” took its final bow with Tim Allen and crew ending the show after nine seasons.

The series finale came Thursday evening and it was an emotional moment for “Last Man Standing” fans. With a box of tissues nearby, fans said a tearful goodbye to the Baxter family. Many are still talking about the series finale that put a nice bow on the show’s long run across two stations. That includes the “Last Man Standing” social media accounts that are reminding fans of the good times. The show tweeted a touching scene from the series finale on Sunday.

“This was everything,” the tweet from “Last Man Standing” declares.

Symbolically using Mike Baxter’s classic pickup truck, the cast goes around the room sharing their feeling. It is a clever metaphor to use Mike’s prized possession in this manner. The scene drew a lot of emotion out of the large “Last Man Standing” fan base. Numerous fans took to social media to point out this scene specifically as one that may have drawn a tear or two. Several fans also sounded off in the tweet’s comment section, with many noting just how the scene made them feel.

“Already miss it,” a fan of the show writes in a reply to the tweet. “I know there are reruns, but not the same waiting for the next new episode.”

“Watched the finale last night,” another fans tweets. “I’m not crying you’re crying.”

“I was doing ok until it was time for Eve,” another Twitter fan writes. “That broke me. I’m going to miss this show so much.”

While fans are sad to see “Last Man Standing” come to an end, they are likely very thankful to get nine seasons of the show — a rarity in today’s entertainment world of cancelations and contract non-renewals. The show began as an ABC sitcom and went six seasons, drawing favorable ratings. Despite this, ABC pulled the plug after the sixth season. Seizing the opportunity to land a show with a built-in fan base, competing network Fox swooped in.

Fox gave “Last Man Standing” a seventh, eighth and ninth season to the delight of the show’s many fans.

Tim Allen fans, who loved watching “Last Man Standing,” can check him out on his new show “Assembly Required” on the history channel.