‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Home Improvement’ Crossover Episode Has Fans Asking for Reboot

by Clayton Edwards

On last night’s episode of “Last Man Standing”, Tim Allen pulled double duty. He played both Mike Baxter and the iconic Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. Seeing Taylor on-screen again gave many fans a rush of nostalgia. the exchange between Baxter and Taylor has fans clamoring for a reboot of Taylor’s in-show series “Tool Time.”

The excitement comes from a comment that Mike Baxter makes during his exchange with Tim Taylor. The two swap light-hearted barbs for a while. Then, Baxter says that maybe Taylor should think about rebooting that “Tool Time” show. This left fans wondering if it was a hint to a future reboot of “Tool Time” or “Home Improvement.”

During the exchange, Tim Allen flawlessly moves between his “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” characters. While the characters are similar, there are marked differences between the two. As Allen sees it, Baxter is an evolution of his former character. He is an older wiser version of Taylor just as Allen is an older and wiser version of himself from the 90s.

Allen said that he thought it would be a great idea to bring both characters onto “Last Man Standing,” but he quickly changed his mind. Because of the difference between the characters and the distance he has from Taylor he found it hard to play them both. He either overcame this challenge or hid how tough it was for him because the final product is great.

Was There a Hint in ‘Last Man Standing?’

There may have been a hint to a future series in last night’s episode of “Last Man Standing.” Though, it isn’t likely that we will see Tim Allen reuniting with the Taylor family anytime soon. We are, however, getting as close to a real-life version of “Tool Time” very soon.

It would be nearly impossible to reboot “Home Improvement” in any real way. For starters, the chances that Patricia Richardson would want to reprise her role as Jill Taylor are slim. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she seemed to be done with sitcom work in general. “Home Improvement” wouldn’t work without her. Just like “Last Man Standing” wouldn’t work without Nancy Travis playing Vanessa.

“Last Man Standing” could have given a sly shout-out to Tim Allen’s future project, “Assembly Required.” This show probably won’t be as funny or potentially lethal as “Tool Time” but it will feature Tim Allen and Richard Karn in a workshop once again.

“Assembly Required” will see Tim Allen moving away from scripted acting. It will be a building competition show. The best builders from across the country will compere from their home workshops. They’ll be improving or repairing household items. Could these improvements include adding more power to their appliances? Maybe. No word on that, yet.

We will know for sure when the new show hits History Channel on February 14th.