‘Last Man Standing’: Jay Leno Guest Stars on Heartbreaking Episode in Show’s Final Season

by Katie Maloney

Tim Allen shares moving advice on how to deal with grief during the latest episode of Last Man Standing. And now we’re all crying.

They say the best comedians have gone through some of the darkest times, which makes sense. If you can find humor even through the most difficult experiences of your life, you’re pretty talented. Tim Allen and Jay Leno do just that on this week’s episode of Last Man Standing when they take on the topic of grief.

For the episode, Leno took on the role of Joe, a mechanic at Outdoor Man. Leno has made frequent appearances as Joe since the show’s start. Mike (Allen) and his co-worker are restoring a rare military Jeep, complete with a machine gun. The two of them get everything ready to go before discovering that their client has passed away.

Now, they’re left with an expensive vehicle and no clients to pay for the restoration. Mike talks to his wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis) about the situation. During their conversation, Vanessa remembers that Joe’s mother passed recently and she praises him for not being frivolous with the inheritance he received. This gives Mike the idea to try to get Jow to buy the Jeep using his mother’s inheritance.

The next day, Mike offers to buy lunch for Joe so he can try to persuade him to buy the Jeep. Immediately, Joe is suspicious because Mike has never offered to take him to lunch before. Mike caves and reveals his idea to Joe. Although he’s hesitant at first, Joe decides to purchase the Jeep.

Soon, Joe tells Mike about his plans for the Jeep’s restoration – which do not include any of mike’s original plans or the machine gun. Mike is upset and cannot understand why Joe has such off-the-wall ideas for the Jeep. Again, Mike talks to Vanessa about his situation and Vanessa decides to talk to Joe to see what’s up.

Last Man Standing shared a clip from the episode on Twitter.

Now, get the tissues ready. During her talk with Joe, Vanessa discovers that Joe believes that he killed his mother. He feels hopelessly guilty for putting her in the hospital when she didn’t want to go. Soon after arriving at the hospital, she passed, and now Joe blames himself for her passing.

Mike ultimately talks it through with Joe and the two decide to restore the Jeep to look as great as it did during its prime, which was about the same time Joe’s mother was at her healthiest too.

Tim Allen Shares Beautiful Advice About Grieving On Last Man Standing

To conclude the show, Mike tackles the theme of grief in his vlog. Last Man Standing shared the vlog scene from the episode on Twitter. Along with the clip, they wrote, “This one hit us right in the feels. See you next week!”

During the clip, Mike talks about how our loved ones who have passed would want us to react. He says, “When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, you know what they want from you? They want you to be the kind of person that people will miss as much as you miss them.”