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‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Celebrates Sister’s Graduation with Heartfelt Message, Photos

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images)

We love to see sisters supporting each other. And there’s no sweeter duo than “Last Man Standing” star Kaitlyn Dever and her little sis, Mady.

Kaitlyn took to Instagram yesterday to congratulate her younger sister on graduating college. Based on Mady’s own Instagram, she graduated a few months ago in May. In Kaitlyn’s post, we see Mady all decked out in her cap and gown, wearing several stoles and cords for academic achievement.

“She did it!!! congratulations mad,” the “Last Man Standing” star captioned her post. “You are the most special. Can’t wait to watch you continue to be awesome at everything. I love being your big sis. You are the smartest and coolest I know. #COLLEGEGRAD.”

Mady graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California. Per The Hollywood Reporter, it’s ranked 6th in the nation for top film schools. In Kaitlyn’s post, we see one of Mady’s stoles say “Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.” While her big sis went into acting, it sounds like Mady Dever wants to pursue screenwriting and more behind-the-scenes work.

Several big-name celebrities also congratulated Mady on the “Last Man Standing” star’s post. Hollywood stylist Karla Welch said, “Yay Maddy!”. Folk and pop singer Lily Kershaw congratulated her. Makeup artist Jenna Kristina gave her congrats to the “little angel.” And renowned photographer Jonny Marlow gave her several clapping emojis.

What’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever’s Education Look Like?

Based on her Instagram and acting history, it looks like Dever hasn’t attended college. She even told The Washington Post back in 2014 that “I’m the opposite of all my friends. They can’t wait to be 18 and driving and heading off to college. I’m kind of panicking. I wanted to be 16 a little longer.”

Though she hasn’t pursued her Bachelor’s degree, it looks like the “Last Man Standing” star got all the education she needed when she was a kid in acting school. Her parents sent her there after she begged them to go at age 5, Empire reports. Then, when her family moved out to Dallas, Dever attended a month-long acting program at the Dallas Young Actors Studio.

Nine-year-old Dever once again started begging her parents to let her go out to L.A. to find an acting job. Her mother eventually took her there to show her “what a discouraging job acting was.” But it didn’t work. Instead, Dever got commercial after commercial, eventually landing a role in a 2009 “American Girl” movie.

In 2011, Dever’s acting career took off for good. She was cast in both “Justified” and “Last Man Standing” in recurring roles. This opened up several more film and television opportunities that Dever would absolutely smash, including “Booksmart” and “Unbelievable.”