‘Last Man Standing’: Kaitlyn Dever’s Eve Faces Major Struggle in Hilarious Sneak Peek

by Matthew Wilson

“Last Man Standing” is bringing back a fan favorite for its final season. In a sneak peek, Kaitlyn Dever’s Eve Baxter returns to the fold in a big way.

The episode “The Two Nieces of Eve” will revolve around Dever’s character struggling to connect with her two nieces. Both girls are relatively new additions to the show, born during the show’s COVID-19 time-jump. Eve returns to visit her family after spending time at the Air Force Academy. But Dever’s character finds she doesn’t have much of a relationship with her nieces.

In the sneak peek, Dever’s character is saddened that she doesn’t connect with them. For one, they’re not into zombie impressions and armpit farts like Kristin’s son Boyd. They have markedly different interests than Eve. But rather than give up, Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter encourages Dever’s character to try again. It’s a motto that often comes into play on “Last Man Standing.”

Kaitlyn Dever on ‘Last Man Standing’

Fans are glad to see Kaitlyn Dever in the flesh for the first time this season. The actor previously appeared in the Season Nine premiere via video chat. The past few seasons Dever and Eve have been a recurring presence on the show after starring six seasons.

Dever chose not to return as a series regular after Fox picked up the show for additional seasons. The reason is Dever’s been busy with a growing career in Hollywood. She reached larger audiences with films like “Booksmart” and the Netflix series “Unbelievable.” As a result, the actor has looked forward to new opportunities and has less time for the sitcom.

But Dever is still close with her “Last Man Standing” family.

“Kaitlyn Dever is so deserving of her success,” series star Amanda Fuller said last year. “She hasn’t changed a bit. She’s not too good for us. You would think someone in her position could just be like, ‘Okay, see you. I’m doing these things now,’ and she is not at all.”

The past couple of seasons, Dever has tried to make herself available when she could. So of course, when she heard the series was ending, she had to come back as Eve.

“She’ll reach out to us and be like, ‘I’m not doing anything for the next few weeks. Put me in, coach,'” Fuller continued. “She wants to be there with us anytime she can and it just means a lot to us that she still feels like she’s part of the family and we’re just happy to have her whenever we can have her.”

The character is expected to return for the show’s series finale as well.