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‘Last Man Standing’: Latest Episode Features Final Jay Leno Appearance, Unexpected Arrest

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images

“Last Man Standing” featured another appearance by Jay Leno, everybody’s favorite mechanic, on Thursday’s show, along with the arrest of one of the beloved characters.

You can relax, no crimes were committed. It all proved to be an empathetic lesson on race relations.

First, Leno returned to Last Man Standing as Joe. And, he had another competition with Mike (Tim Allen). This time, the two were competing against each other to find their next car restoration project.

Mike’s vlog kicked off Last Man Standing, as opposed to ending it. And it seems Mike was triggered by some modern technology. He ended his vlog with the line, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Which is why I’m taking my own advice and ending this perfect vlog right here. Baxter out.” 

As Mike ended the video, Ed, Joe and Chuck barged into the office. Ed announced that he would pay for a billboard for the car restoration business. The guy who found the next cool car would get his face on the billboard. Who wouldn’t want that fame? What would Last Man Standing Be without a little friendly competition?

Mike got a dig in at Joe. “Then you’d have to actually shrink Joe’s head if he won,” Mike joked. Jay Leno, after all, is known for his big head. In real life, Leno makes jokes at his own expense.

Mike visits son-in-law Ryan’s office. Ryan, as we know, runs a marijuana-delivery business. What does Mike want from his son-in-law? He needs for the drivers who work for Ryan to be on the look out for a classic car. In exchange, Mike won’t call Ryan a “commie” for six months.

Ryan and wife, Kristin, tell Mike that a driver did find a Shelby Cobra. Or was it a cobra named Shelby? Because Last Man Standing needs corny jokes to thrive. It seems Joe also found a car. Mike sneaked into Joe’s email and discovered the address for the potential find. They both showed up at the house of a woman who owned a Chevy 409.

The lady tells Joe and Mike that someone already came to look at the car. But a neighbor called the cops. The man who came to look at the car was Black. It was their friend, Chuck.

Check out this tweet from the Last Man Standing official account.

Both Joe and Mike tried to help Chuck. But Joe couldn’t understand why Chuck was arrested. He hugged Chuck when Chuck returned to Outdoor Man. Then Chuck had to explain. He didn’t have his ID on him when the cops showed up. So rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt, they took Chuck to jail.

“You’re mad because this happened to me,” Chuck said. “But this kind of thing happens every day to somebody else’s Chuck. I’m not an exception. I’m the rule.”

This is the final season for Last Man Standing, so soak it all in.