‘Last Man Standing’: This Main Character Is Set to Return for Series Finale

by Josh Lanier

The Baxter clan appears as if it will be whole for the Last Man Standing series finale on April 15. Kaitlyn Dever looks like she will return as Eve Baxter for the finale episode.

Amanda Fuller, who plays Kristin Baxter, shared an Instagram video that included behind-the-scenes moments from the series finale’s taping. Dever appears at the virtual table read for the finale, which was written by Tim Allen.

Fuller’s video is set appropriately to R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine).” It features several quick shots of behind-the-scenes moments from the show’s final days of filming.

Dever left the show as a series regular when it looked as if it wouldn’t be returning. ABC canceled the show, but Fox picked it up in its seventh season. She’s returned as a recurring character in a few episodes since then, though. In the continuity of Last Man Standing, Eve Baxter left to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Audiences last saw Dever during the season nine opener, via a virtual video chat. The character will return again in the April 8th episode. But Dever will reportedly make at least one more appearance afterward in the series finale.

Since leaving the show, Dever’s star has only risen. The 24-year-old has appeared in several major Hollywood films such as Booksmart and Beautiful Boy and received critical praise for her work. She also has several high-profile projects that will be released soon.

Last Man Standing has two episodes remaining. The finale is April 15.

Tim Allen Shares Some ‘Last Man Standing’ Secrets

As Last Man Standing comes to an end, Tim Allen has been sharing several behind-the-scene photos and info for fans on Twitter.

Last week, he shared a photo of the famous old green truck from the set of the show, but now it’s back in its original home: Allen’s garage.

“And my truck leaves after so many years in this home to it’s (sic) old home in my car shop,” Tim Allen shared on Twitter on March 23.

In addition to sharing the photo of his famous green truck, Allen shared a photo from the Baxter den on the set of the show. Saying it is his last time inside that set.

Last Man Standing is in its ninth season and its second network. Fans have sent love to the cast and crew and many thanks for the nine years of fun.