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‘Last Man Standing’: Mike Baxter Actor Tim Allen ‘Dials’ Up This Week’s Episode in New Photo

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Tony Rivetti/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Each new episode of Last Man Standing is bittersweet for fans of the show. On one hand, each episode is another chance to spend Thursday evening with the Baxter family. On the other hand, it is one step closer to the show’s series finale. The hit sitcom will come to an end late next month. So, fans still have ample time to spend with their favorite primetime TV family.

That bittersweet feeling is echoed by the show’s cast and crew as well. Last Man Standing star Tim Allen has been open about his mixed feelings on his social media in the last couple of months. He has posted several behind-the-scenes photos from the show as well as spoken about the looming finale.

The official Last Man Standing Twitter account, however, is all-in on the excitement. They tweeted out a photo yesterday to remind fans that a new episode of the hit sitcom will air Thursday night. In the photo, we see Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter staring intently at his phone. The caption, suggests that Allen is dialing a very important number.

That number is one that fans of the show should be glad to dial. “1-800-LAST-MAN-STANDING-IS-BACK-THURSDAY”

Tomorrow’s episode of Last Man Standing will be the 15th of the season. Overall, season nine of the show will contain 21 episodes. So, that means there are six more episodes after this week. The series is set to go out with a bang on May 20th. The series finale will be a one-hour special episode. After nine seasons with the Baxter clan, it is nice to know that they’re saying goodbye in a big way.

‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen’s New Favorite Show

If you’re looking for something to watch between episodes of Last Man Standing, you should check out Tim Allen’s new favorite show. That show is the History Channel’s building competition series Assembly Required. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat.

The series features Last Man Standing and Home Improvement star Tim Allen and his former on-screen co-star Richard Karn. In the new show, Tim Allen is just himself. That is to say, he is somewhere between Tim Taylor and Mike Baxter. His humor and love for hands-on craftsmanship shine through in the show. Also, fans of Home Improvement will note that his and Karn’s chemistry hasn’t changed much over the years.

Assembly Required is only in its first season. So, there’s a very good chance that it will be on the air long after Last Man Standing is over. However, only time will tell.