‘Last Man Standing’: Mike Baxter Actor Tim Allen Reveals What Props He Took From the Series’ Set

by Chris Haney

During an interview with FOX News recently, Last Man Standing star Tim Allen shared what props from the sitcom he took home with him as the series wrapped up.

The Last Man Standing series finale airs Thursday night, which brings the sitcom to an end after nine seasons. The cast and crew have recently been making the rounds to share their experiences on the show from the last 10 years.

Allen and his co-star Nancy Travis, who plays his wife on the show, spoke with FOX News virtually this week. The actors touched on the cast’s close bond and how special the series has been to each of them. Eventually, the conversation turned to mementos from the show. The old green truck in the Baxter family garage is headed home. In addition, Allen had the show build him a miniature replica model of the series’ set.

“Yea, I’ve literally owned that truck for about 25 years. I have so much from this set,” Tim Allen says as he holds up the replica model. “I had them build me models of the set. I’ve got all these pictures of the cast, and I haven’t put them up because it’s a bit too soon still to me.”

After 194 episodes, Last Man Standing will come to an end in just two days. As fans say goodbye to the Baxter family, Tim Allen and his co-stars are saying goodbye to a decade’s worth of work and closely built relationships. It’ll be tough for everyone, but as Travis pointed out about working in the TV business, “it’s the nature of what we do.”

‘Last Man Standing’ Cast and Crew Reflect on Series Coming to an End

The tightknit relationships that the Baxter family built on-screen spilled over off-set as well. The cast has continued to open up about the end of era as Last Man Standing finishes on May 20. After 10 years and two networks (ABC & FOX), the hit sitcom is nearing its series finale.

This upcoming Thursday, Last Man Standing will air its last new episode. Variety recently interviewed some of the actors and producers of the show. The guests included star of the show Tim Allen, actors Nancy Travis and Hector Elizondo, and executive producers Kevin Abbott and Matt Berry.

During the collective virtual interview, Allen was asked to speak about his feelings as the show wrapped up. He clearly is going to miss the cast and crew, and is already looking back on the sitcom with nothing but great memories.

“None of this happens without — you’ll hear it a million times — it’s such a great team,” Allen said to Variety. “I was extremely fortunate to have attracted such a team that put it together… That said, it has not been an easy three, four weeks for me. I adored this show, adored this cast, this crew, [everyone].”

Saying goodbye to the people involved with Last Man Standing hasn’t been easy. But it’s been equally challenging for Allen to say so long to the characters themselves as well.

“I said the other day that the characters are gone, and that made me very, very sad,” Allen added. “When I said to Ed (Elizondo) in the last scene, I’m sure it’s in the cut, and he said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, Mike,’ and I said, ‘Not in this world.’”