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‘Last Man Standing’: Mike Baxter Gets a New Responsibility in Final Season

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

“Last Man Standing” may soon be coming to an end. But the show is still throwing the Baxter family a few curveballs in its final season. It’s been a season of change for more than one character. And the latest episode gave Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter a new responsibility.

Mike Baxter will be the co-godfather for his granddaughter Sarah. The episode explored Kyle and Mandy planning for their child’s future if the worst should happen. After all, what’s a final season without a little rumination on death? Episode 15 “Butterfly Effect” explored legacy and the couple future-proofing their daughter’s life. But the episode also explored the various father figures in Kyle’s life now that he’s a father himself.

“Last Man Standing” is bringing out the waterworks in its final season. No comment on what show viewers should flock to after the show shuffles off the mortal coil. Perhaps, “Assembly Required” could play godfather to us all?

But the episode featured a couple of moments where you want to break out the tissues. In an emotional display, he decided to make Ryan, Mike, and Ed all godparents. He said the trio played an important role in his development as a father. “If I’m a good father at all, it’s because of the three men in this room.”

‘Last Man Standing’ Prepares to Say Goodbye

In a separate conversation, Mike and Ed have a heart-to-heart. And Mike reveals that he considers the man to be a father figure as well. Things are getting emotional in the Baxter house for sure. But “Last Man Standing” wouldn’t be “Last Man Standing” if there wasn’t plenty of comedy to go around.

The episode kicks off with Kyle facing a brush with death. His life is saved thanks to him chasing after a butterfly of all things. A branch fell where Kyle had been moments before. The episode follows a traditional sitcom switcheroo. Mike Baxter doesn’t want to be godfather figuring that Kyle and Kristin would ask him. But when the couple doesn’t, his feelings get hurt in the process and he realizes he doesn’t want to leave that responsibility up to Ed.

All of the Baxter family has grown in various ways across the season. For one, the family is now larger than its ever been. And the Baxter children and their spouses have gone through various milestones. For fans, there are, fortunately, a few episodes left before the big goodbye.