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‘Last Man Standing’: Mike Baxter Talks ‘Saying Goodbye’ and Family in New ‘Vlog’ as Show Near’s End

by Will Shepard
(Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

The end of an era is near. Last Man Standing is coming to a close on April 22, and Tim Allen is getting nostalgic about it.

Of course, who can blame him for feeling bummed about the show coming to an end? Allen played the main character, Mike Baxter, on the show for nine seasons.

In a recent tweet from Last Man Standing’s Twitter account, they share a video of Allen as his character Mike Baxter. During the clip, he talks about how to say goodbye to a loved one. He starts by making a handful of jokes about relatives.

“Hey! Mike Baxter here for Outdoor Man. Outdoor lucky man, really. I have a family filled with people I actually like to see. Good thing because there’s always one of them in my kitchen,” Mike Baxters laughs. “But, I know everyone has a twitch about the holidays when the doorbell rings. And you go, ‘Oh wow! Surprised us this year Uncle Ted, I thought you had passed.'”

The Centerpiece of “Last Man Standing” Says Goodbye on His Vlog

Eventually, the Last Man Standing character brings it back around to the topic at hand – saying goodbye. In the clip, it is obvious that this is a hard subject to talk about. But, he clearly has rehearsed that, and so he presses on.

“The only good thing about those visits is the sweet relief of them leaving. ‘Okay, drive safe… or not… just drive away.’ A lot of people hate saying goodbye. What are we avoiding, you know? I guess it’s simple,” Mike Baxter says.

At this point in the video, it gets a little emotional with this final bit of advice.

“The real sadness of leaving someone or having someone leave that we love, especially when you don’t know if you’ll ever see them again. It’s kind of like saying goodbye to your favorite TV show… I thought I wouldn’t get upset. But it’s okay.”

In true Mike Baxter form, the star of Last Man Standing has some excellent knowledge on the subject at hand. He doles out his knowledge precisely as he intends to, without pause.

“There’s nothing of greater value than a meaningful connection with a loved one. The price we pay for that is feeling said when we say goodbye. It seems worth it to me. I’m sure you’re feeling that right now know this vlog is coming to an end. Baxter out!”

It is certainly a sad video to watch. Last Man Standing has been a constant fixture on television for nine years and will be missed. Hopefully, there is another project up his sleeve somewhere. If not, though, Tim Allen will go gracefully into the wonderland of retirement.