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‘Last Man Standing’ Nominated for Single Emmy in 2021, Loses to Netflix Original

by Jennifer Shea
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

To the dismay of its fans, “Last Man Standing” received only one Emmy nomination this year. Then it wound up losing out to the Netflix original series “Country Comfort.”

The nomination was for Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series. “Last Man Standing” Director of Photography Donald A. Morgan, ASC was up against four other contenders for the award. He got nominated for the cinematography on “Time Flies,” the Season 9 premiere of “Last Man Standing.”

In the end, George Mooradian, ASC of “Country Comfort” took home the award, per Variety. That was much to the chagrin of “Last Man Standing” fans everywhere.

‘Last Man Standing’ Fans Bemoaned Previous Snubs

Star Tim Allen’s hit series received only one Emmy nomination from the Television Academy this year. And in previous years, it has been snubbed completely. So that has left “Last Man Standing” fans wondering what’s up.

“If there was any justice at the Emmys Tim Allen would have 3 or 4 Emmys from Last Man Standing,” one fan tweeted in 2019. “But, he’s trending as all the Leftists mention his past problem w/ drugs as if HW doesn’t run on that crap.”

“I saw people are pissed Last Man Standing didn’t get an Emmy so people are pissed saying he didn’t get one because he’s conservative,” another Twitter user noted that same year.

Allen has previously won nominations for a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy for his work on “Home Improvement.” And “Last Man Standing” has received four Emmy nominations over the years. But those have been for Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing. The show has received zero nominations for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series or Best Comedy Series, as fans contend it deserves.

Fox Canceled Series After Nine Seasons

“Last Man Standing” drew to a close this May after nine seasons – six on ABC, three on Fox – and a lot of camaraderie on set. The show’s cast seemed to be having fun as their ride reached its end. And Allen said he had a hard time letting go of his second hit show.

“I had health problems letting go of this one,” the actor and comedian told reporters in a recent Zoom roundtable interview, according to UPI.

“You just don’t know how much affection I have for all of [the co-stars]. The people behind the scenes. Everybody involved in this thing,” Allen said. “These were not comfortable weeks. I was counting off the hours. I did not do well with this. In a very moralistic way, I’m glad it’s done because I can’t feel this way anymore.”

Allen said the broad range of views among the show’s cast helped them tackle difficult subject material frankly, a lesson for Americans in polarizing times.

“If everybody interacted the way that [the people on] this show and some of the characters did, then we’d probably all be a lot better off,” executive producer Kevin Abbott told UPI.