‘Last Man Standing’ Remembers ‘Favorite Chuck Memories’ as Series Nears End

by Jon D. B.

Break out those purple shirts, Last Man Standing fans, and relive some of the absolute best “Chuck memories” with us before the show’s series finale.

It’s still hard to believe, but Last Man Standing is coming to an end. May 2021 will host the last new episode of the hit sitcom, and we’re going to miss our favorite characters, to say the least.

Much emphasis has been placed on Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter and the Home Improvement icon’s triumphant return to television. But it would be a disservice to the show not to laud pals like Ed & Chuck who have given so much to viewers.

Thankfully, Last Man Standing is doing exactly that as the series comes to an end. Thursday has their official Twitter sharing “A few of our favorite Chuck memories,” and they’re perfect examples of how the sitcom has managed to stay active and relevant for 9 seasons despite major network and casting shakeups.

Jonathan Adams’ Chuck embodies this perfectly. His sincerity and bombastic, big-hearted energy has been a staple of LMS since the beginning. And we sure are going to miss yah, big guy.

So roll the dice with us on some of Chuck’s best moments. From that “bold” purple shirt to his marriage to Carol, it’s time for some major, much-deserved Chuck appreciation.

Can we get a spinoff that’s just the guys playing around the Outdoor Man poker table? How about a spinoff simply called “Chuck” – where Jonathan Adams and Tisha Campbell-Martin can live their best lives as Chuck & Carol? Seriously, we could watch Adams talk about anything and it’d be worth watching. That voice is iconic!

The Best of ‘Last Man Standing’s Chuck

Last Man Standing has truly been a gift for the actors as much as it has been the fans, too. Though a sitcom, it has never shied away from the more serious moments required for a family-based show to hit home. Chuck is no exception to this and has laid down some of the absolute best advice in the 9 seasons.

“Being in the big chair isn’t about having all the answers… It’s about having the courage and the willingness to go find them.”

Now there’s a motivational poster we’d actually buy.

And who could ever forget Chuck & Carol’s wedding? Having Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter officiate was a genius move; one that showed how close these two men are and the respect they share for one another.

Mike’s speech for the couple about “classic cars” still gets us every time. It’s absolutely worth re-watching any time it comes up. Luckily for us, Last Man Standing fans, the show’s official Twitter has included it in their “Chuck moments” above. It’s the perfect clip to end this montage with… And man, are we going to miss Last Man.

Thanks for all the memories, Chuck! Here’s to hoping we see much more from Jonathan Adams in the future.