‘Last Man Standing’ Remembers ‘Favorite Jen Moments’ as Series Nears End

by Chris Haney
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

On Tuesday afternoon, Last Man Standing‘s Twitter account shared some of their favorite moments of character Jen on the sitcom.

In 2018, actress Krista Marie Yu joined the cast as a series regular in Season 7. She portrayed the role of Jen, a foreign exchange student who lived with the Baxter family. Although not a main character, she had many memorable moments on the hit show.

The science-loving foreign exchange student shared a mutual interest in the subject with Vanessa (Nancy Travis). Additionally, Jen even made bad puns like Mike Baxter’s wife does on the show. Although her relationship with Mike (Tim Allen) got off to a rocky start, they eventually learned to coexist. Per Mike’s advice, Jen started to speak her mind more instead of simply saying what’s nice at the time.

Jen left Last Man Standing after graduating high school during Season 8. Although she only featured as a regular for two seasons, she had plenty of noteworthy moments. The show comes to a conclusion this Thursday with its series finale. But the sitcom’s social media team made sure to pay tribute and say goodbye to Yu’s character Jen as well.

“A few of our favorite Jen moments. #LastManStanding,” the account tweeted.

‘Last Man Standing’ Shares Heartfelt Clip of Mike Baxter and Daughter Mandy’s Relationship

After 10 years, two networks (ABC & FOX), and 194 episodes, Last Man Standing is nearing its series finale. This upcoming Thursday, the sitcom will air its last new episode. With the finale coming up in just two days, Last Man Standing shared a touching scene on the show between Tim Allen and his daughter Mandy.

Allen’s character Mike Baxter, his wife, and their three daughters are bringing things to a close after nearly a decade of laughs. The sitcom is also revisiting some of its best moments through clips on social media.

The show’s Twitter account posted a video of Mike and his middle daughter Mandy sharing a touching moment together. Mandy is searching through a box of her old things as she reminisces with her dad. She gets emotional as the father and daughter talk about not having many common interests. However, they both realize that they were able to introduce each other to new things, which were just as special.

The heartfelt TV moment encapsulates the authenticity behind the Baxter family dynamic. Things aren’t always perfect, but their love and bond with one another is genuinely special.

“We love Mike’s relationship with Mandy. #LastManStanding,” Last Man Standing captioned its post.