‘Last Man Standing’ Series Finale: How, When to Watch

by Thad Mitchell

Today is a bittersweet day for fans of the hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” as the series will conclude with its final episode tonight.

The one-hour “Last Man Standing” series finale is set for tonight (Thursday) at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

The heavily popular family comedy has gone through several changes throughout the years. The show actually began on ABC but was canceled after six seasons on the network. Seizing the opportunity to add a show with an already large following, Fox swooped in to add “Last Man Standing” to its lineup. Under the Fox label, the show continued on for seasons seven, eight and nine. Fans of the show are sad to see it go but are thrilled they got nine full seasons out of the hilarious sitcom starring Tim Allen.

‘Last Man Standing’ Airing Final Episode Tonight

On “Last Man Standing,” Allen plays Mike Baxter, a “man’s man” who works at an outdoors superstore called “The Outdoor Man.” While Baxter spends a lot of his time at the store, he comes home to a house full of females. With a wife and three daughters, the women of Baxter’s life provide him with plenty of love and obstacles. The show’s plot revolves around Baxter’s struggle to maintain his desire for masculinity while surrounded by women. Much like he was in a previous sitcom, “Home Improvement,” Allen is very much in his element when playing Baxter. “Last Man Standing” surrounds him with a terrific cast and feeds of his comedic chops, which are among the best in the business.

“Last Man Standing” has drawn more than a few comparisons to “Home Improvement” and poked fun at that this season. An episode earlier this year saw Allen revive Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor as he and Baxter got together to crank out the laughs. Allen has noted he will miss Mike Baxter more than previous characters he’s played because of similar traits. Filming for the final season became quite emotional for the cast, including Allen. In a recent panel discussion, he admits to having trouble letting go of the character.

“To be very honest, I have had problems letting go of this one,” he says. “It’s just been three or four weeks and I’m literally just feeling better. Never have I enjoyed, outside of Home Improvement and maybe moments of Galaxy Quest, one of these jobs.”

Allen has already moved on to his next project, the History Channel’s “Assembly Required.” The show is currently awaiting renewal for a second season.