‘Last Man Standing’ Serves Up Sweet New Pic of Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter and Vanessa Sharing a Big Laugh

by Thad Mitchell

Hit comedy series “Last Man Standing” continues rolling through its final season with the show’s finale now in sight.

All-time comedy great Tim Allen is the star power behind the hilarious sitcom but is far from the only reason people tune in. “Last Man Standing” officials surround Allen with a great cast that takes full advantage of his comedic chops.

On the show, Allen plays marketing professional Mike Baxter, who must navigate his world dominated by his female counterparts. With a wife and three daughters, the women of Mike Baxter’s life provide him with plenty of love and affection. They also provide him with the drama that the show builds its foundation on.

Fans are sad to see their favorite show ending but are thankful they got a full nine seasons of the sitcom. “Last Man Standing” originally aired for six seasons of ABC before cancellation forced it off the air. Fox then picked up the show it gave it a seventh, eighth and ninth season to the delight of the show’s fan base.

Even with the show nearing its end, “Last Man Standing” social media accounts have been busy as of late, providing fans with a look through the show’s history. On Tuesday, the show’s Instagram shared a classic photo from the set of Allen’s Baxter laughing it up with his onscreen wife, Vanessa, played by Nancy Travis.

The “Last Man Standing” social media post shows the happy Baxter couple sharing a laugh in the kitchen. It is a common sight on the show as the family loves to laugh and enjoys each other’s company.

‘Last Man Standing’ Series Finale Set For May

The end is drawing near for “Last Man Standing” with the series finale expected next month. Allen has been outspoken on his thoughts about the show ending. He also notes he relates to Mike Baxter more so than other characters he plays because the two have so much in common.

Allen is already onto his next gig with “Last Man Standing” coming in a matter of weeks. The History Channel’s “Assembly Required” reunites Allen with former “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn. Allen and Karn co-host the reality skills competition with their own comedic spin.