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‘Last Man Standing’ Showrunner Comments on Chances of a Revival

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

After nine beloved seasons, Tim Allen and Nancy Travis recently ended their tenure on “Last Man Standing.” With an emotional series finale, fans couldn’t help but buzz about a Baxter family reunion. 

Recently, CinemaBlend spoke with the series’ former showrunner and executive producer, Kevin Abbott, about whether or not fans should get their hopes up.

Since season nine was produced entirely under strict safety protocols due to the pandemic, it kept the show from having an in-studio audience and kept the show from having guest star appearances. That being said, we can’t help but wonder if we might see a “Last Man Standing” reunion in the future? 

“Sure. I mean, absolutely. I love the cast, I love the crew, I love everybody involved with it,” Abbott says about a potential revival. 

Showrunner Tells All About ‘Last Man Standing’ Reunion

“I’m certain [it would be possible] with a little time off so that I can forget all the stuff that they do that irritates me. [Laughs.] Like I said, I think their lives continue. I’d always be interested in checking in on characters that I really loved writing,” he continues.

He adds, “I’d work with Tim again in a second. I’d work with Nancy and Hector, and all of them. I mean, you just couldn’t ask for a better cast, and the writers were wonderful. We loved doing that, and Matt Berry, my partner in crime – I’ll make up any excuse to be in a room with that guy because it’s just always a joy. So yeah, absolutely.”

However, fans shouldn’t be too quick to get their hopes up for a revival soon. While Abbott doesn’t sound like he’d turn down bringing the show back, he’s also not against taking a break. Abbott felt as if nine seasons was an appropriate run for a show. He also felt like it was time for the show to end.

He used a football analogy to reveal his thoughts on the end.

“I think that it probably would be a bit of a…it would just be odd. If you follow sports at all, it’s having Joe Montana play for the 49ers and have all that success and then the end of his career go to the [Kansas City Chiefs]. It’s a letdown,” Abbott says. “We were given a gift by Fox by telling us at the beginning of the season: this is going to be the final season. That was a gift. It allows you to say goodbye. It allows you to emotionally prepare for all of that stuff. And to try to push it, I think that would have been wrong.”