‘Last Man Standing’ Star Admits This Season 9 Scene Took ‘Forever’ Because Tim Allen Kept Laughing

by Katie Maloney

Actress, Molly McCook, reveals which scene her and co-star, Tim Allen, couldn’t stop laughing through.

The final season of Last Man Standing premiered last night. And actors wasted no time revealing secret details about the episode. After the premiere, McCook, who plays Allen’s daughter Mandy, revealed that one particular scene “took us forever” to complete. McCook wrote on Twitter, “Guys… this scene took us forever. Tim and I got the giggles BAD. Couldn’t get out of it for a very long time,” along with a laughing face emoji.

Tim Allen And McCook Can’t Stop Laughing During Lullaby

Since the final season takes place in 2023 after the pandemic, fans got a sneak peek into their favorite characters’ futures. The scene that McCook is referring to seems to be the scene where Mandy (McCook) is tucking her daughter into bed. However, her daughter won’t go to sleep because she is afraid of monsters under the bed. So, Mandy decides to sing the family nighttime song to her daughter. Mike (Allen) overhears his daughter singing to his grandaughter and reminisces with her about the song.

Mandy says “Well, personally, I always preferred your version.” Then the two begin singing as they laugh “Night night, turn out the light, now get the hell to bed.”

Fans are already relating to the Baxter family lullaby. One fan commented “We have 3 daughters. We use to tell them the bedtime rules are stay in bed and be quiet. What they said they heard was shut up and go to sleep.”

Another fan commented “Mandy’s singing was really sweet, but by the time my parents got me to bed, they would have opted for Mike’s… or shorter! Loved Episode 1!!!

One more fan commented “That definitely sounds like a Mike Baxter lullaby.”

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