‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Celebrates Family in Adorable But Hilarious Photo

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

For many, Kaitlyn Dever’s claim to fame came from her time on “Last Man Standing” beside funnyman Tim Allen as she played his witty daughter, Eve Baxter. Like any good sitcom, the entertainment value came from the ridiculous family antics and, at times, cheesy lessons about life. As it turns out, Dever’s family off-screen has a pretty good sense of humor, too.

The star hails from Phoenix, Arizona where her parents, Tim and Kathy Dever, had her. She has two younger sisters, Mady and Jane, who sometimes appear across her various social media platforms. Most recently, Dever shared an adorable photo of the sisters that’s downright hilarious, too.

Kaitlyn Dever Shares ‘The Most Insane’ Photo of 2/3 Sisters

Here’s the chaotic photo that the “Last Man Standing” star shared with fans on Instagram. She calls it “the most insane” photo and writes about the three sisters reuniting soon in the caption.

Check it out:

We’ve got hats and mugs, some chips and dip, and a landscape of leaves. It makes perfect sense. No?

Well, some fans can’t quite grasp the concept either. One jokingly wrote: “I don’t understand this post at all.”

Madi commented soon after drawing attention to their wardrobe stylings. “Our hat choices !!!” she wrote.

A brief debate in the comments also ensued after eagle eyes spotted the sour cream and onion dip. Apparently, several fans think this was entirely the wrong choice. Multiple comments allege that ranch dip is, indeed, the superior pairing with Ruffles chips. Hailing from the Midwest, I’ve personally witnessed the ranch-mania firsthand and I’ve seen how some people really do use it with everything. But I digress.

At the end of the day, the post is a sweet little moment between sisters who probably don’t get to see each other very often with Kaitlyn Dever’s filming schedule.

A Brief Family History and Where Else You Can See the ‘Last Man Standing’ Star

Even if you haven’t heard of Kaitlyn Dever’s dad by name before, you probably have seen some of his work. Or rather, you’ve at least heard his voice. It turns out, the guy actually voiced Barney the Purple Dinosaur and Bob the Builder for a while. It’s not at all surprising that Kaitlyn found a love for acting early on, then.

If you want to know what she’s up to now, you can catch her in a more serious role with her “Dope Sick” character. (You can probably guess what it’s about based on the name.) She also recently went back to her comedic roots with her role in the reimagining of “Romeo and Juliet.”