‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Drops Series of Gorgeous Pics While Abroad in Italy

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage)

When in Rome, make sure you post all the gorgeous photos you can. “Last Man Standing” star Kaitlyn Dever seems to take that advice to heart in a series of new Instagram pics from her Italian adventures.

The actress apparently traveled overseas recently, taking in the sites with her younger sister, Mady, and others. Most of the pics in the slideshow feature gorgeous Italian scenery, from an old cobblestone road to a green garden labyrinth to a cloudy blue sky reflecting off a lake. There’s also some architecture in the slideshow, like Rome’s famous Trevi fountain, the impeccably detailed underside of an arch, and a colorful fruit stand.

But what most fans of the “Last Man Standing” actress should be paying attention to is the second pic. In the black and white photo, Dever sits around a table with several others. We see Dever’s younger sister Mady sitting next to her, but who are the other people in the pic?

Luckily, Dever tagged them all. The other woman at the table is writer and director Karen Maine. She’s well-known for helming “Yes, God, Yes” on Netflix and “Starstruck” on HBO. Interestingly enough, Maine also just got tapped to lead Dever’s newest film, “Rosaline.”

According to Deadline, “Rosaline” does a modern twist on “Romeo & Juliet” through Juliet’s cousin’s eyes. Rosaline is “a sharp but idealistic young woman—who happens to be Romeo’s recent ex.”

20th Century Studios picked up the film back in May, and since then, more actors have joined the cast. Including two of the gentlemen tagged in the “Last Man Standing” star’s Instagram pic.

Actor Sean Teale joined the project last month, while Spencer Stevenson announced his involvement yesterday. From the looks of it, the team got together in Italy to talk logistics and possibly plan out a set involving the Italian origins of the story.

What Are ‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever’s Upcoming Projects?

Ever since joining “Last Man Standing” back in 2011, Dever’s film and TV career have taken off. In addition to “Rosaline,” which is still in pre-production, Dever has seven upcoming projects to star in.

First up is the film adaptation of the Grammy-and-Tony-award-winning musical, “Dear Evan Hansen.” Dever will star as the main love interest, Zoe Murphy, in the emotional film. A new series called “The Premise” premieres in Sept. as well, featuring Dever, Jon Bernthal, and Daniel Dae Kim.

Next will be Hulu’s TV show “Dopesick,” which drops on Oct. 13. The “Last Man Standing” star will play someone struggling with opioid addiction.

After that, the rest of Dever’s projects are still in development or pre-production. But we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for her incredible work in the future.