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‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Is Living Her Best Life in Beautiful Italy Vacation Pics

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Kaitlyn Dever, best known for her role on “Last Man Standing,” seems to be enjoying her luxurious Italian vacation. The star took to Instagram to share a new series of photos from her adventures with her 619k followers. This is actually the second photo series she has posted about Italy recently. The first series was posted almost a week ago.

This one chronicles fresh, fancy cuisine, breathtaking views of the landscape, and laid back vacation attire. Who doesn’t want to indulge in Nutella pancakes or go for a dip in the clear, sparkling water? Dever cleverly alludes to the Italian national flag in her caption with three heart emojis of the same color: a green heart followed by white and red ones.

Fans gawk at the views and one commenter says it looks like “the dreamiest of dreams.” Others use the Italian word “bellisima” for “most beautiful.” Some of Dever’s co-stars also chime in with Nancy Travis saying “what an exquisite place– Ah, Italia!”

Cover Girl Kaitlyn Dever

This month, Shape unveiled Kaitlyn Dever as their cover girl for August’s edition. She also sat down for a brief interview where she talked about being drawn to emotionally complex characters. Her acting career already spans quite a wide variety of experiences. She has played a sister who lost her sibling to suicide, a survivor of rape, and most recently, a young adult surrounded by opioid addiction.

Kaitlyn takes on these roles because she wants to be part of something bigger than herself. Dever also states: “These stories deserve to be told in the best way possible. I put so much pressure on myself to do all these characters justice.” She adds on, “I do things that scare me sometimes, but I’m almost addicted to that feeling.”

Dever was so excited to take part of the “Women Run The World” digital edition of the magazine. She posted the cover to her Instagram feed as soon as it came out.

Fans can take a peek at the cover here:

“Coastal Elites” Coming Up on One Year Anniversary

Last September, Kaitlyn Dever joined a cast of four other stars to explore politics and culture as they relate to the pandemic in an HBO presentation called “Coastal Elites.” The monologue-style comedic satire piece aims to “explore our current world of deeply divided politics and the universal pursuit of human connection.”

Dever talked to the Boston Globe about her role: “You turn on the news and you can’t get away from the constant climbing death rate and hearing stories about what’s going on.” Joining this project made her feel like she was finally able to give something back to the heroes on the frontline. The film will be celebrating its one year anniversary in a couple of weeks on September 12th.