‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Shares Stunning Model Shots from New Shoot

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Kaitlyn Dever, who played Tim Allen’s youngest daughter on Last Man Standing, is evolving into a major player among the top young actors.

Last Man Standing fans watched Eve go from a little girl to a confident young woman. She probably was the daughter most like Allen’s Mike Baxter. Dever’s character dropped to a recurring one late in the series. The writers explained it by saying Eve graduated high school and was accepted into the Air Force Academy.

On Monday, Dever shared a photo from her recent interview with fashion magazine Net-A-Porter.

The youngest Baxter from Last Man Standing definitely is all grown up. She’s on the September cover of the magazine. And it’s her second cover of a major magazine in as many months.

Net a Porter dubs Dever as “Generation Next.” And there’s every reason to describe her that way. Dever already has her next project lined up. She’s in Italy to star in Rosaline. Get this, the movie is a new way of telling the very old story of Romeo and Juliet. But this time, the sad story is a comedy told from the viewpoint of Juliet’s cousin who also happened to be Romeo’s ex.

It’s Dever’s second major project since the Covid 19 pandemic started in early 2020. The 24-year-old also is in Dear Evan Hansen, which premieres Sept. 24. She plays Zoe Murphy, a high school student who is struggling mightily with the suicide of her brother.

“I’ve learned that this job can be different every single day and that everything changes all the time,” the former Last Man Standing daughter told the magazine. “I go from work, work, work, and everything is crazy. Then, literally, nothing, and then it’s up again.”

Last Man Standing Allowed Dever to be Selective with Her Roles

It’s difficult to find the “literally, nothing” part of Dever’s career. Her new series Dopesick premieres on Hulu in October. The series is about the country’s opioid addiction and it stars some big names, including Michael Keaton and Rosario Dawson. While she played a perfect kind of teenager in Last Man Standing, Dever’s character in Dopesick is addicted to prescription pills.

She also appeared on the August cover of Shape magazine. And in that interview, Dever said: “I love mixing it up. I never want to be set in stone with anything I do.”

“These stories deserve to be in the best way possible,” Dever told Shape. “I put so much pressure on myself to do all these characters justice. I do things that scare me sometimes. But I’m almost addicted to that feeling.”

She said Last Man Standing allowed her the financial security to be able to be choosy about her roles. Se co-starred in Booksmart and the Netflix drama Unbelievable.

So include Dever’s name at the top of any list of young actors. She deserves it.