‘Last Man Standing’ Star Molly McCook Stuns in Adventurous Horseback Riding, Rafting Photos

by Thad Mitchell

Former “Last Man Standing” star Molly McCook is enjoying some quality time outdoors and sharing her adventures with fans.

The 31-year-old actress played a leading role in “Last Man Standing” through the show’s final three seasons. She played Mandy Baxter-Anderson, the daughter of the show’s primary protagonist Mike Baxter, played by Tim Allen. The role was played by Molly Ephraim through the first six seasons before McCook took over the final three seasons. Molly McCook played Mandy, the middle child of Mike and Vanessa Baxter, quite well. She gave the fashion-obsessed and learning impaired middle daughter a great deal of personality.

“Last Man Standing” came to an end earlier this year in May, to the dismay of the show’s fan base and stars. Tim Allen has noted just how hard it was to say goodbye to Mike Baxter during the show’s final season. Other cast members, including McCook, feel the same way as Allen about the show coming to an end. But McCook is taking full advantage of her newly found freed time. Earlier this week she took to social media to share some amazing photos with her fans and social media followers. She doesn’t reveal her location but she is definitely somewhere in the mountains judging by the scenery. The “Last Man Standing” star certainly seems to be enjoying herself.

The actress puts only a heart emoji in the caption space to signify she is loving what she is doing and where she is at. She includes 10 photos in the social media post and some of them are quite spectacular.

The “Last Man Standing” actress includes several shots of the mountainous scenery that surrounds her. In one particular photo, she sits atop a horse staring into the upcoming landscape. Another photo shows two cows looking directly into a camera as a rainbow shines overhead. It is a wonderful photo that could probably win an amateur photo contest if entered. A few of her social media followers feel the same way.

“Did you take that cow picture?” a fan writes in the comments section of the post. “You should submit that to a contest or something.”

Also in the post is a video of McCook and her partner enjoying an innertube ride down a lazy creek. It looks like the “Last Man Standing” star is having tons of fun on the water. She also gets a nice video of meeting her horse before she hops on its back and heads down a trail. She ends the photo parade with a couple of shots of her and her friend taking a horseback trip.