‘Last Man Standing’ Star Molly McCook Teases New Role With Hilarious Mustache Photo

by Leanne Stahulak

It looks like “Last Man Standing” star Molly McCook is getting in character for her next big role. Or, maybe she just has a lot of free time in the makeup tent.

McCook wrapped up her role as Mandy Baxter-Anderson on the final season of “Last Man Standing” in May. She played the middle daughter of Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter for three seasons, taking over for Molly Ephraim. McCook portrayed the fashion-centric, social butterfly-esque Mandy to perfection.

But we haven’t seen much on the career front from McCook until now. If anything, she seems to really be enjoying the time off, taking vacations and traveling all over. Her summer Instagram posts inspired some serious FOMO, featuring trips to Disney World, the Catskill Mountains in New York, and Utah mountain resorts.

But last week, the “Last Man Standing” star took to Instagram to show off an interesting styling choice for an upcoming film. In her caption, she wrote, “Can’t wait for you guys to see this movie.”

People had some interesting thoughts about what, exactly, this movie might be. And why it would require McCook to wear a funky (but surprisingly elegant?) mustache.

But what really stirred up some intrigue was who the “Last Man Standing” star tagged in the photo. Director Ryan Little was tagged and made several comments on the post, most jokingly.

“You look camera ready. Let’s ROLL PEOPLE,” he wrote in one comment.

In another, he responded to actress Shelly Townsend, who said, “That mustache was making the rounds.”

“Yes. Indeed it did,” Little replied.

So, from the sound of it, Little, McCook, and Townsend must all be working on the same set. What that project is, we’re not sure. But no doubt it’ll be incredible with the “Last Man Standing” actress involved.

‘Last Man Standing’ Star Molly McCook Takes Stunning Vacation Pics

Earlier today, Molly McCook shared yet another breathtaking series of photos from what looks like a gorgeous vacation. This time, she visited the Catskill Mountains in New York.

And she didn’t go alone. Per the first pic in the slideshow, McCook’s adorable dog joined her on the trip, taking some tennis lessons from the actress. We also see her husband, John Krause, in a few of the photos. He’s joined by “The Greatest Showman” actor Timothy Hughes. The three seem to be hanging out in a resort cabin of some kind, featuring tennis courts, basketball courts, and a disco ball.

McCook treated us to some incredible outdoor shots as well. We see a beautiful green forest in one pic, a field for playing fetch in another, and a heart-stopping sunset pic in one of the last ones. You can see them for yourself below.