‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Drops Cutest Photo Of New Family Puppy Along With Hilarious Story

by Clayton Edwards

Before Tim Allen made it big in television and movies, he was a standup comedian. His timing and comedic style have shown in most of his biggest roles. Shows like Last Man Standing and Home Improvement showcased his comedic talent. On the big screen, his funny side shined in films like Galaxy Quest, The Santa Clause and Jungle 2 Jungle.

These days, when Tim Allen isn’t splitting sides on the last remaining episodes of his hit sitcom Last Man Standing or his building competition show Assembly Required, he is on Twitter making over half a million people laugh. His tweet from earlier today is a great example of that humor.

To make things even better, Tim Allen added a photo of his family’s adorable new puppy. Allen said in an earlier tweet that he got the pup as a gift for his youngest daughter’s birthday. Puppies can be great. This is especially true if you have Allen’s comedic mind. There’s no telling how many jokes he’ll get out of the adorable little furball. When it starts chewing up the furniture, the tweets are going to be hilarious. Those jokes are going to be comedy gold, just you wait and see.

Tim Allen Shares Callback Tweet After Recent Joke

One of the hallmarks of a solid standup set is a good callback. When a comedian drops a callback to a joke that landed earlier in the set, it can get the whole crowd rolling all over again. Tim Allen knows this very well from all the time he’s spent on stage entertaining crowds of comedy-hungry fans.

There is one big drawback to callback jokes, though. If you missed the first joke, the second one won’t land. So, if you’re looking at this tweet wondering what makes it so funny, you probably missed the setup. Don’t worry though. We’ve got you covered.

Tim Allen tweeted about taking the pup to its first vet visit yesterday. The joke read, in part, “Yesterday she said the vet called wanted me to bring the puppy in. ‘And bring a stool sample.’ Weird but ok. I handed everything to reception and got a strange look. “Oh, you meant a sample from the puppy.'”

Just like Tim Allen said in yesterday’s tweet, context is everything. Knowing the setup to today’s joke makes it land on a whole new level.

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