‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Says Fans Still Ask Him to Grunt Like ‘Home Improvement’ Character

by Jennifer Shea

“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen is justifiably happy with his turn on “Home Improvement.” But he would like people to stop coming up to him in public and demanding that he demonstrate Tim Taylor’s signature grunt.

“It’s, ‘Grunt for me,’” Allen said in an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” last year. “You know, like I’m one of those little monkeys that does this.” And Allen clapped his hands repeatedly. “They come up [and say], ‘Grunt for me! Show the kids!’”

Allen played Tim Taylor on “Home Improvement” from 1991 to 1999. And during that era, the show won seven Emmy Awards. It also became the nation’s most-watched television show for a time – including during the series finale.

‘Last Man Standing’ Star Says He Gets Asked to Grunt Everywhere

But Allen has had to deal with the downsides of his “Home Improvement” fame as well as upsides. And one of the former is that people he meets out in public feel they have a license to be rude.

Allen recounted to Clarkson the time when he and his wife were up in Sacramento walking through town. A random guy across the street suddenly started yelling “Hey!” at Allen.

“Which, I like that people think I have to turn around when they just yell across the street,” Allen said.

But the man persisted, getting louder each time, so Allen turned around. With some effort, the man searched his memory and yelled what he came up with. “Tool belt!”

“I go, ‘What?!’” Allen recounted. “He couldn’t quite get the show, but it had something to do with tools… And I went, ‘Claw hammer!’”  

Another time, a cop pulled the “Last Man Standing” star over because his high-performance car was making too much noise. As soon as he lowered the window, the cop did a Tim Taylor grunt.

You would think that, what with the cop being a “Home Improvement” fan, Allen might have skated. Unfortunately for him, he still got a ticket.  

“In this world, it’s not like it was,” Allen said.

Watch Allen’s appearance on Clarkson’s show here:

Tim Allen Wishes Everyone a Happy Mother’s Day

Allen survived a devastating turn of events when he was 11 years old: his father died in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. Allen’s mother, Martha, a community service worker, eventually remarried her high school sweetheart, according to IMDb.

Now Allen is counting his blessings as he spends Mother’s Day with Martha.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all,” Allen tweeted Sunday. “Blessed to be sitting with my Mom now.”

Martha is reportedly a fierce defender of her son’s public image. And with multiple hit shows and blockbuster movies to his credit, the “Last Man Standing” star certainly has done lots to make his mom proud.