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‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Gets Fans Thinking With Post About ‘Willful Process to Divide Us’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Last Man Standing star Tim Allen said that his fans should beware of the people and groups trying to divide us rather than unite us. The comedian told his supporters to always consider who benefits when we fight each other.

His tweet doesn’t call anyone or any group out by name, but his fans had plenty of theories in the replies.

“I sense a willful process to divide us by connecting crises where no connection exists. Cui Bono. Who would benefit by this?” he posted. Cui bono is a Latin expression meaning “who stands to gain.”

Most fans pointed to the media and social media platforms as the main culprits of a divide-to-derive profit model. Others blamed dogmatic politicians unwilling to negotiate or compromise on widening the chasm.

“Those in power and those with wealth. If they keep us divided and focused on each other, it keeps our eyes off them,” one person posted. “As long as we stay fighting each other over what the parties and their networks tell us to, they can ignire (sic) us and carry on about their business,” someone else wrote.

Allen has been on posting more to inspire and inform his audience than make them laugh since he finished filming Last Man Standing. Earlier this week he posted a quote about how ego is the root of most of our problems.

“Every time I ‘think’ I have the answer I remind myself of this quote: ‘You’re seasick from the storms of ego, because you make everything stormy.’ – Rumi,” Allen tweeted.

Rumi was a 13th-century poet who lived in what is now Afghanistan, encyclopedia Britannica said. Many historians consider him one of the most influential Muslim poets ever.

‘Last Man Standing’ Reveals Date of Series Finale

Last Man Standing will end its nine-season run next month. But it was unclear when the series finale would air.

Fox has now said the show will end with a one-hour special on May 20, TV Insider reported. Tim Allen wrote the episode, as well.

Not much is known about the finale. Though some information has leaked from cast members.

Kaitlyn Dever, who left the show as a series regular after ABC canceled it after season 6 and has gone on to bigger success in films, returned to Last Man Standing recently for a guest appearance. It’s not clear if she’ll appear in the finale, but the casts’ social media posts hint that she is involved.