‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Posts ‘Reminder of the Day’ We Could All Stand to Hear

by Matthew Wilson

“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen is sharing a bit of advice he thinks everyone could use right now, in one of his daily reminders.

Allen often uses social media to share promotional pictures and behind-the-scene videos for shows like “Last Man Standing” and also “Assembly Required.” But the actor also uses social media to share occasional words of wisdom. Allen’s daily reminders have also been a hit with his fans on social media.

In his latest one, Allen quotes the late Dr. Martin Luther King. The actor comments on the nature of forgiveness in the post. Allen writes, “Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude. -Martin Luther King.”

In response, several Twitter users commented on Allen, sharing their own thoughts about forgiveness. For instance, one person wrote, “Forgiveness is a choice. We choose to withhold punishment for offense, but forgetting and perspective is a process.”

Meanwhile another commented, “Forgiveness, helps you grow & be a better person. Congrats!”

But one fan shared their sadness about “Last Man Standing” ending. They wrote, “I’m dreading the series finale of Last Man Standing. I really enjoy the show and will miss it very much.”

Tim Allen Says Goodbye To ‘Last Man Standing’

Of course, right now Tim Allen is also sharing in fans’ sadness. Allen recently revealed that he found filming the last episode to be emotionally draining. Allen spoke of the experience in an interview with Parade Magazine.

“We did our final show last night in front of an abbreviated crowd, what the Disney protocols would allow,” he said. “It was the end of nine years and, for a guy not really that attached to these feelings except when you’re losing a loved one or a pet—and I cover that stuff pretty well … When we got to three more, it started wearing on me. Then this ended in a gentle, wonderful way.”

Fans will soon say goodbye to the Baxter clan after nine seasons on the air. “Last Man Standing” will air its one-hour finale on May 20th, bringing the series to a close.

 “I believe we knocked it out of the park,” Allen told TV Insider. “Rather than have one where it’s sad, it wasn’t about sad. It wasn’t turning the light out at the end of the scene. We didn’t want to do any of that. We wanted to go out kind of naturally.”