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‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Posts Thought-Provoking Message About ‘Free Will’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Michael Schwartz/WireImage)

Legendary funny man and actor Tim Allen continues to remain active on social media even after his hit show “Last Man Standing” ended.

“Last Man Standing” aired its final episode earlier this year, bringing about a few tears from fans and cast members. This includes Tim Allen who admits to having trouble saying goodbye to the show and his character, Mike Baxter. In previous interviews regarding the show, Allen says he relates more to Baxter than many of his previous characters. The sitcom revolved around Allen’s comedic chops as the driving force behind its nine seasons on air.

Allen is now “in-between” jobs so to speak with “Last Man Standing” ending and “Assembly Required” waiting on renewal. With all the free time he finds himself with, Allen is working on one his true passions which is restoring classic cars. The comedic great has an impressive car collection and also does a good majority of the restoration work himself. Allen has also been quite active on social media as of late, providing fans with encouragement through thoughtful posts. On Friday, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on “free will” and what it means to him.

“Free will is my creator’s ultimate gift,” he writes in the social media post. “Just like a baby who turns to a parent and says no. I so often say no and do what I will here. In a quiet moment, this creator had me look around and with a grin whispered: “’So this the best you can come up with?'”

Thought-provoking stuff from the “Last Man Standing” star. Several of Tim Allen’s social media followers chime in with their own responses to the comedian’s words of wisdom.

“Exactly. Yet I continue to be complacent, letting my creative side take back seat,” a Twitter user replies. ‘Last Man Standing’ is my escape. You’re not done. By far. No longer an acquired taste, you’ve become a staple.”

Thanks in large part to Allen’s comedic chops, “Last Man Standing” saw an incredible nine-season run. The sitcom started out on ABC but faced cancelation after the sixth season. It was picked up and renewed by Fox, which gave the show three more seasons, to the delight of many fans. The sitcom came to a close in May, taking its final bow after the ninth and final season.

The “Last Man Standing” star wasted little time finding a new television to showcase his wit and robust sense of humor. “Assembly Required” reunites Tim Allen with his “Home Improvement” co-star and friend Richard Karn. The two pals co-host the History Channel show and provide comedic relief to the reality competition. The first season was a big success for Allen and Karn but has yet to get the green light from the History Channel on a second season.