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‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Shares His ‘Tremendous Gratitude’ for Those Who Have Served

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

The Last Man Standing and Home Improvement icon is paying his respects to our service men and women this Memorial Day.

When it comes to his beliefs, Tim Allen is far from shy. From politics to social media, the comedy legend never backs down from his viewpoints.

While many seek to politicize Memorial Day, Tim Allen does not. Instead, he offers his “tremendous gratitude to all the lost souls protecting our freedoms”.

The holiday itself stands as exactly what it’s title suggests: a day to pay our respects to the countless brave service men and women who gave their lives for the sake of the United States of America. And this is exactly how the Last Man Standing star words his Twitter tribute this Memorial Day.

“Thank you to all those who served and serve in our great military. I never stop honoring your courage,” the Allen concludes Monday.

Tim Allen fans are happy to see his post on Twitter, too. Many are responding in kind, with praise for the military service members in their lives and across the board.

“Thank you to those who’ve given their all for mine and my family’s freedom!” replies fan Will.

“Their souls live on forever somewhere. I thank them for their sacrifice,” echoes follower Leyla.

Fans of ‘Last Man Standing’s Tim Allen Speak Out on Memorial Day

Others, however, have more specific anecdotes to offer this Memorial Day. Take follower Pat, for example. His reply reads:

“On this long weekend, imagine how long that plane ride must have felt on the way to Vietnam. Imagine how long that boat ride must have felt en route to the beaches of Normandy. Imagine how long that desert walk must have felt not knowing if an IED is under your next step…”

And then there’s Twitter user “Animal_Lover”, who replies with the following:

“My dad told me of his WWII experiences while stationed in Europe. Not the noble “adventure” a John Wayne movie would have you believe. Dirty, cold, exhausting, scarey, etc. You don’t win by dying for your country, but by making sure the SOB on the other side dies for his.”

Twitter is such a weird place, isn’t it? We’re not even sure what to make of that last sentence.

Regardless, from all of us here at Outsider – we wish all the best to those surviving the ones we remember this Memorial Day, right alongside Last Man Standing‘s Tim Allen. And to each and every soul putting their lives on the line as part of the U.S. Military – thank you!