‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen and Cast Pose For Epic ‘Family Forever’ Photo

by Jon D. B.

Ready for some feels? “#LastManStanding family forever,” the show tweeted out Friday. Within, the show shared a fantastic shot of nearly the entire core cast outside their Last Man Standing lot. It’s a heartwarming pic that holds a somber feeling now that we’ll be saying goodbye to their characters soon for good.

The “family photo” comes courtesy of series star Molly McCook, who fans know and love as Mandy Baxter. McCook originally shared the photo via her official Instagram with a pretty remarkable caption (see below).

“As an actor, I’ve never been a part of any project for this long,” the Last Man Standing star told Instagram followers on March 30 – the last day of filming with her television family. “I was fortunate enough to call these people my family and this set my home for the last 3 years. And I was so damn lucky to have been able to step in to something that was already so special.”

“The things that I’ve learned and memories I’ve collected will, no doubt, be with me for the rest of my life. This cast and crew was an absolute delight and I will truly love you forever,” McCook adds.

‘Last Man Standing’s Molly McCook Thanks Fans for ‘Accepting’ Her as Mandy Ahead of Series’ End

“Thank you to all the fans who accepted me with warmth and support,” she continues, noting her much-publicized replacement of former Mandy Baxter actress Molly Ephraim.

“I appreciate it more than you know. It’s been the time of my life. Today will be hard, but I’ll be soaking up every last moment with this fam. Bye for now,” she concluded on her last day of Last Man Standing filming.

McCook does, however, include a treat. “Swipe for the morning of my first day of work at LMS,” she says. When followers swipe, they’re treated to a 2017 shot of the actress right as her Mandy days began:

As fans know, Mandy Baxter went through a huge casting change when the show was renewed for FOX. Originally, Molly Ephraim played the part from the 2011 pilot all the way to 2017. Ephraim was unavailable to continue the show after it was picked up by Fox, however. This led to McCook’s casting, which has been widely embraced by fans.

Sadly, we’re set to say goodbye to the Baxters for good this time with the end of Season 9. Thanks for all the laughter, warmth, and good times, Last Man Standing! We Outsiders will truly miss this cast.