‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Balances Sadness and Happiness in New Post with Quote from the ‘Tool Man’

by Jon D. B.

Is the Last Man Standing icon throwing back to his Home Improvement days? Or is he just feeling particularly sentimental? Or both?

Probably both. In his latest tweet, Tim Allen is laying down some serious feels in the form of a deep quote. The catch, however, is Allen’s attributing of said quote to Tim ‘the Tool Man’ Taylor. See for yourself:

“Sadness is the other side of happiness, they balance each other. Joy however is a reflection of love and has no limit.”

So quotes the Tool Man himself of the Tool Man. But am I crazy, or does this not read anything like a quote from Home Improvement‘s Tim Taylor?

And so comes the big question: Is this an actual ‘Tool Man’ quote from Allen’s glory days? Or is the comedy icon simply referring to himself as the ‘Tool Man’ on Twitter?

Both seem likely, but as a 90s kid who grew up absolutely loving Home Improvement, I am now very curious. Tim Taylor would become quite retrospective during his tenure as television’s leading man, sure. So did Mike Baxter on Last Man Standing. But never quite to this level.

When I think of classic quotes from Allen’s performance, they’re much more along the lines of:

“I think men have a lot in common with babies. We get cranky when our dinner isn’t ready on time, we like to take naps in the afternoon, and I don’t know any man who doesn’t love a spirited game of peek-a-boo.”

The true emotional depth was left to Wilson on the other side of that picket fence. So for this Outsider’s part, I’d say we’re looking at the emotional depth of Tim Allen, and not a past character. But stranger things have happened!

So what, then, you may ask, does Tim Allen have to be sad about? Well the man is only human, but we do have a few guesses…

Is ‘Assembly Required’ Ending the Same Year as ‘Last Man Standing’?

As a big fan of Tim Allen, it pains me to say this, but the man may have more reason to be sad than most of late. Or, at least, emotional enough to conjure such a feel-induced quote as the one above.

Not only has Last Man Standing come to an end after a successful, decade-long run, but things don’t look good for Tim’s passion project – Assembly Required – either.

Allen and his longtime Home Improvement pal, Richard Karn, came back together to make Assembly Required a reality for History Channel. It’s a terrific premise for a show, but one that suffered greatly from COVID-19 limitations. Now, it’s looking highly unlikely that the show will make it past the first season.

Perhaps the viewership wasn’t there. This Home Improvement fan, however, is hoping for at least a Season 2 for Allen & Karn’s reality series. Last Man Standing is proof, after all, that stranger things have happened.

But if you’re wondering about the hopeful side of Allen’s quote, as well, he’s got plenty of that, too. In fact, Tim Allen is Celebrating Sold Out Shows in Return To the Stage After ‘Odd Year in the House’.

Good on you, Tool Man. Good on you.