‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Cherishing Final Moments in His ‘Baxter Den’

by Keeli Parkey

As the ninth and final season of the popular sitcom “Last Man Standing” progresses, its star is sharing things he loves about the show. One of those things is the set of the Baxter family’s den.

Of course, the star we are talking about is Tim Allen. On Tuesday (March 23), the popular comedic actor shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the set of “Last Man Standing” via his Twitter account. The photo was of a familiar location in the Baxter home.

In addition to the photo, Allen added the caption, “Last time in my ‘Baxter’ den.”

On the show, Allen plays Mike Baxter. Early in his life, Mike was somewhat of a wildcard and spent most of his time traveling. However, he eventually settled down and married. As part of his new life in Colorado, Baxter became the marketing director for a sporting goods store.

And, in a move made for a sitcom, Mike has to learn to live with four women. These are his wife, who is played by Nancy Travis, and their three daughters. So, the name “Last Man Standing” is pretty fitting in that household.

Fans Share Their Thoughts About Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ ‘Baxter’ Den Tweet

Fans of Tim Allen’s show “Last Man Standing” showed their love for the popular funny man and his latest hit show via Twitter on Tuesday. Here are a few examples of what they had to say:

“Tim, thank you for an outstanding show in “Last Man Standing”. It’s truly been incredible for all of us. 9 Magical Season. I applaud you and the entire cast and crew. Thank You Again!!!”

“I hope you keep doing these types of shows…Home Improvement and Last Man Standing are easily two of the best family shows on TV and we must have more of them. I am sitting here wearing my “Binford Tools” T-shirt as I type this not looking forward to another series end.”

“Oh man, you’re killing us Tim. We’re going to miss this family so much. Great, funny, thought provoking and touching TV programming is just about obsolete. Thank you @LastManStanding for 9 amazing seasons.”

“Going to miss this show! I grew up watching Home Improvement with my dad (just about everything you are in) and we’ve watched Last Man Standing together as well! We love you!”

In addition to sharing a photo of the “Baxter” den via Twitter on March 23, Tim Allen also shared a look at something fans didn’t usually see on the show. According to his tweet, that view was of his character’s desk.

“The view behind my characters desk we very rarely see in shots. Every place in this set has memories and laughs for me,” the actor shared. Accompanying the caption was a photo of that rarely seen point of view.