‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Can’t Contain His Excitement to Test Drive Hot Rod Build

by Will Shepard

Tim Allen is a gear head through and through. The star of Last Man Standing took to Twitter on Wednesday, March 10, to share a car he built.

The long-time actor is one of the biggest fans of cars there is. He has been building and dissembling his own hot rods for many years. So, he took a moment to share his excitement for a new car he has.

Tim Allen’s team has been working on this car he calls “The Vik” for a while, at the very least for the better part of two years. Consequently, he is ecstatic to take his new rig for a test drive. Forewarning, parts of the video are not safe for work, as there is the occasional swear mixed in.

Tim Allen is Excited to Test Drive His Newly Built Hot Rod

During the 6-minute long video, he explains a lot about the car. He explains that his process is tedious and takes a long time. While the car parts aren’t totally brand new, for Tim Allen, the entirety of the hot rod is new.

There is certainly a lot that goes into making a hot rod, almost more than the average car. This car is being put together by a mechanic who explains how he is building the hot rod. He says that he is trying to make the car simple yet excellent.

While the car is mostly being built by the mechanic, Tim Allen is likely lending his handiwork to the build as well. For most hot rod owners, it is a point of pride to have done some, if not most of the work, on the car. Regardless of whether he is involved in building the car, the final product is amazing.

Tim Allen’s “The Vik” is not quite finished, but the hot rod is shaping up nicely. And anyone who knows anything about cars will certainly be jealous that he gets to drive this hot rod around.