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‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Gets Help From Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham in Season’s Final Episode

by Will Shepard
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Jeff Dunham is arguably one of the greatest ventriloquists ever. This past week on Last Man Standing, the incredible comedian made an appearance alongside Tim Allen.

During the episode, “Meatless Mike,” Ed gets under Dunham’s skin on social media. In response, he decides to go to see Tim Allen’s character on the show.

Nancy Travis asks Tim Allen to give up some meat for the week, but he questions whether hot dogs are really meat. A few days later, all of the people at Outdoor Man were pleasantly shocked to see that Mike was successful for a couple of days.

Later on, Ed interrupts the situation by saying that Jeff Dunham gave the Outdoor Man a shout-out on social media. In his response, Ed says, “Thanks for the heads up. It gives us time to put up a sign to explain who the h— Jeff Dunham is.” So, the comedian responded, saying, “This means war.”

But, Tim Allen’s character, Mike, writes back and tells him that it isn’t going to end well for Dunham. Even though Mike is told that Dunham is a good guy, he refuses to apologize.

Jeff Dunham Joins Tim Allen on “Last Man Standing”

As the episode’s antics carry on, with more meat talk consuming the conversation, Jeff Dunham finally shows up. He is there to defend his honor and does so by bringing out his talking puppet, Walter.

But, when Tim Allen shows up, he asks him why he still isn’t eating meat. Using Walter to illustrate his point, he says, “What? Outdoor man doesn’t eat meat? I guess he uses all these guns around here to shoot broccoli.”

However, Tim Allen stands tall in his resolve to not eat meat and is complemented by Nancy Travis. More importantly, the episode ends with him uploading a vlog to social media. The puppet is hilarious, and it sums up his character exceptionally well. The next episode of Last Man Standing airs on Thursday, March 11.