‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Reveals ‘Last’ Behind-the-Scenes Pic from ‘Favorite Store Ever’

by Jon D. B.

It may be the last picture of the most iconic ‘Last Man Standing’ set Tim Allen ever takes, too. See Mike Baxter’s beloved store through the eyes of Tim Allen in this moving behind-the-scenes snapshot.

As much as fans love ‘Last Man Standing,’ it could be argued that Tim Allen loves it even more. The star has been very vocal about his sadness of his Mike Baxter tenure coming to an end.

It’s been a long, winding road between networks, studios, cast and crew, as well. Yet through it all, one thing remains constant: lead actor Allen genuinely adores ‘Last Man Standing.’

Posting to this Friday, Allen shares a snapshot of his “favorite” set from the show. In context, the photo is quite moving. Within, the “Outdoor Man” set remains completely dressed – yet void of people.

Audiences have spent a decade in “Outdoor Man” now, and ‘Last Man Standing’ does a tremendous job of connecting viewers to the work of Mike Baxter through this set. The store is a highly-detailed, faithful rendition of popular Bass Pro Shops brand stores. ‘Last Man’ even uses a real Bass Pro in San Bernardino County, California for the exterior shots of Baxter’s shop.

‘Last Man Standing’s Tim Allen Says Goodbye to ‘Outdoor Man’

Many of viewers, including us Outsiders, have spent quite a few days enjoying these massive, engaging shops in real life. If “Outdoor Man” will be remembered for anything (aside from Mike Baxter & crew’s hysterical antics), it’ll be how strongly it managed to connect with viewers through authenticity.

Tim Allen’s tweet, too, shows us that today – March 26, 2021 – will be the last day of ‘Last Man Standing’s filming on the “Outdoor Man” set.

And what a ride it’s been. Viewer support is pouring out for the actor on his post, with many labeling “Outdoor Man” as their favorite store, too.

“My favorite store, too! So, so sad!” Reufus Right replies. “I’m really going to miss Outdoor Man… and the entire Baxter Family!!! Thanks for all of the laughter, touching messages and the memories we can enjoy in syndication!!!”

“Tim, you’re making me cry! Aww!” another fan replies to Allen’s touching photo. “This has to be so hard on you and the cast! Tell everyone HI from me! I feel the same way! Reruns are not the same buddy! Between seeing your stand ups, and countless things you’ve done.. this is by far my favorite my friend! Hugs to you ALL!”

“Thanks, for the laughs!” a third follower responds. “You are excellent at your craft. Can’t stop watching the old re-runs. Every word look gesture is 100%.”

As for the final episode of ‘Last Man Standing,’ we don’t have an exact date. We do, however, know that Season 9 will run for 21 episodes. Episode 10 hit Thursday, March 4. This should place the final episode on May 20, 2021. Fans will, no doubt, enjoy every minute until that final goodbye.

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