‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen’s On-Screen Daughter, Eve, Makes Her Much-Anticipated Return

by Jon D. B.

‘Last Man Standing’s April 8 episode, “The Two Nieces of Eve,” saw the highly-anticipated return of Kaitlyn Dever as Eve Baxter, and it was well worth the wait for fans of Tim Allen’s long-running sitcom.

Ever since ‘Last Man Standing’ came back on Fox, Mike Baxter’s daughter Eve has been noticeably absent. With Kaitlyn Dever’s film career taking off, the show seemed low priority for the actor. Her character’s only recent appearance came with the Season 9 premiere, “Time Flies,” in which Dever briefly resumed her role via an in-show Zoom call.

As of Thursday night’s episode, however, Eve Baxter is back – and fans are ecstatic. In ‘Last Man Standing’s April 8 episode, “The Two Nieces of Eve,” Mike and Vanessa Baxter are upset Eve will only be with her family for a weekend. They, like their audience, miss the character deeply. Dever’s appearance marked the long-awaited return of Eve in physical form for the show.

For the entire episode, Eve played her first major part in the Tim Allen-led sitcom in years. Within, Eve has come back home from the Air Force Academy to bond with her new nieces. After a day spent with the tiny ones, Eve enters her parent’s house covered from head-to-toe in glitter and sporting a princess dress:

Needless to say, the Air Force pilot was not thrilled with her new look. Fans, however, absolutely were.

Audiences can also look forward to Eve returning for the ‘Last Man Standing’ series finale, too. PopCulture cites actor Kaitlyn Dever will return for the show’s final episode. New entries for the sitcom air Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

‘Last Man Standing’: The Curious Case of Eve

So what happened with Eve? In short: Kaitlyn Dever chose not to return as a series regular when Fox picked up ‘Last Man Standing’ following its original cancellation by ABC. As previously noted, Dever’s Hollywood film career has taken off, and she’s chosen to chase it instead of small screen sitcoms. Films like “Booksmart” showcase her talent – but the actress is still active in the television realm thanks to Netflix series like “Unbelievable.” Nice work if you can get it!

Despite it all, however, Dever remains close with her ‘Last Man Standing’ on-screen family.

“Kaitlyn Dever is so deserving of her success,” series star Amanda Fuller told PopCulture in 2020. “She hasn’t changed a bit. She’s not too good for us. You would think someone in her position could just be like, ‘Okay, see you. I’m doing these things now,’ and she is not at all.”

In fact, whenever Dever has had an opening in her filming schedule, she’s reached out to her ‘Last Man Standing’ family to see if she can join in for an episode.

“She’ll reach out to us and be like, ‘I’m not doing anything for the next few weeks. Put me in, coach,’” co-star Fuller continued. “She wants to be there with us anytime she can and it just means a lot to us that she still feels like she’s part of the family and we’re just happy to have her whenever we can have her.”

Fans are finally seeing the fruits of this family labor, too. And we’re betting Eve’s role in the final episode of ‘Last Man Standing’ will be an emotional one – for all involved.